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Mexico - Day 1 - Morning visit to Teotihuacan

My pictures...

...and one or two that bbq_bill took.

It was a fine, sunny and cool day. Teotihuacan is certainly the most sweeping and majestic of the sites that we visited- you can really see the huge scale that they built on here, although apparently an aerial view works even better. And this is really only the ceremonial center of town- there were miles of residential buildings, all built around courtyards and small temples, with a populace that came from all over Mesoamerica.

bbq_bill and I climbed the Pyramid of the Sun, which was some effort. Glad we did, though- the view was amazing, and you could get a feel for the scope of the place. It was also easy to see how the pyramids would overawe the people on the flat lands surrounding- as bbq_bill said, "We can see your house from here!" ;-). I also noticed that the pyramids- especially the Pyramid of the Sun- "echo" the mountains behind them.

It was very quiet and peaceful there. Not too many people, and even the vendors seemed sparse and scattered. The stone was far warmer-looking than I expected- volcanic, with lots of reds and browns. It would have been nice to have another hour or so- we never did get down to the southern end of things.

ETA: the "thing to get" as a souvenir at this site was carved obsidian- Teotihuacan had control of the major source in the area, and the craft of carving it is still much-practiced in the area. I had a strong impulse to buy an obsidian butterfly, and I got a nice one- it has colored patterns in it that show up under strong light. So, it turns out that "obsidian butterfly" (as well as the name of an Aztec goddess) is a folkloric/poetic term for "bat" in Mesoamerica... pretty cool.

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