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signal boost: more healing needed for Isaac Bonewits

From crytolos via sabrinamari:

May 31st, 2010 at 10:44 PM

I saw Isaac Bonewits in the hospital today. His surgery was successful, in the sense that it re-configured his intestinal tract in the planned way. But otherwise, he looked more miserable than I've seen him so far during this process.

There were both the "Rolling Thunder" and the fundraiser. All that energy and effort is very much appreciated. However, it seems that he needs some more short-term focus on specific issues. Anyone who ever studied with Isaac, or read Isaac's works, knows the importance of directing energies to isolated targets.

I've received Phae's permission to propose an unusual approach so that each issue is separately and solely targeted by a specific group of people. As a member of Hermes Council (see his book "The Pagan Man" for a description), I'm going to base who targets what based on an orthographic method.

Here's the list:

If your groups' name (or, if you're solitary, your magical name) begins with the letters A through F inclusive, focus on pain management. He is been worn down by the continuous grind of dealing with the pain. He has pain from the surgery, but he also feels pain from the two tumors in his lymph nodes. You are asked to focus on relieving the pain so he can sleep, and make the work of the other groups possible.

If your name (group or solitary) begins with G-M, your task is to work on healing the results of his colostomy. That surgery needs to be healed so his body can focus on recovering from the chemotherapy. This surgery is temporary; healed tumors mean the procedure can be reversed. But it needs to heal for the tumor-reduction process to work.

If your name begins with N-T, your focus is on the tumors. There are five sites: three in his colon, and two in the lymph nodes underneath his stomach. The point of the surgery was to stop the colon tumors from being abraded, which put his body in the position of healing the surface of his tumors instead of recovering from the chemotherapy. Now that that confusion has been addressed, your task is tumor reduction.

If your name begins with U through Z, or you use some non-Roman or non-alphabetic sigil for the name of your group, your task is to work on Isaac's spirit. The point of my going through the "gooey" details in the previous paragraphs was to give you some insight into why this entire process is grinding him down. Those of us who know from contact, speeches, and his books remember him as vital, opinionated, infuriating, and wise. Focus on connecting Isaac with those spiritual strengths again.

Special assignment: If you live within convenient traveling distance from Valley Cottage NY, there is an important and valuable contribution you can make that even supersedes the magical working outlined above. Please contact Phae for more information.

If you'd like to forward this blog post, the link is http://crytolos.livejournal.com/22678.html.

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