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Singing the duck song today...

So, I ordered a new A/C from Sears.com last week, and arranged for installation through them. It was all set up- delivery window was 5/4-5/6, so I had the install arranged for today. The receipt said that the installers would pick it up from the Sears warehouse as part of the deal.

Guess what? The installers called today and wanted to make sure that the A/C had been delivered to me, and had never heard from Sears about them needing to pick it up, or anything about shipping instructions. Nada.

Guess what? Sears.com did not actually have the A/C in stock, and was attempting some kind of shell game to get one from a retail store. Nothing had even been shipped, and no-one seemed to know when it would happen.

Guess what? The store in NJ that they were trying to get the A/C from apparently screwed things up so badly that the order got "stuck", and they had to cancel it.

Guess what? They are giving me a full refund, and I told them that a) their website lies and they had better fix it and b) I am going to do business with their competitors from now on, thank you very much.

So I ordered a similar model from Tiger Direct (who have always done very well by me) and will be getting the installers I talked to (who seem competent and were very helpful during this whole process) to install it when it arrives, and Sears.com can jump up King Kong's butt and grab a monkey-poop sandwich for all I care.

I advise anyone reading to not use Sears.com. I left a bad review on their site. If anyone has ideas for other good ways in which to blacken their name, I'm up for it.

So pissed off at them right now...
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