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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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if it doesn't spurt, it's not a sacrifice
Nothing terribly profound today, but it's a bit more than a placeholder before I go off to Happy Naked Pagan Land for a week...

monsteralice tells me that the Red Cross has finally rationalized its rules about blood donation and tattoos. For the longest time, you had to wait a whole year after your last tat before giving blood. I can understand this in the era when tattooing was a sleazy sort of art, and standards of hygiene were almost non-existent. But now, when my artist (for example) does as well or better with asepsis than your average emergency clinic, it always seemed a little clunky.

Being the consummate ink whore that I am, this has meant that I haven't given blood in a long time... I average 2+ a year, and I have way too many ideas to slow down to < 1 a year. But it always made me feel vaguely bad... I used to be a good little soldier and donate every time work had a drive, sometimes more often. And there's also the fact that I'm AB-... IIRC, that's the rarest of the "normal" types. So it behooved me to donate when I could, even though I could take the "universal donor" type (that's O+, right?) just like anyone else.

Heh. That reminds me... the first time I donated, way back in college, I had a "blood type typo" on my donor card- it listed me as AB+. I mentioned this to Mom (who's an RN) and she looked concerned and said "that can't be right." Apparently her and Dad's types meant that any AB-type child of both of them would have to be -... Fortunately, they got it right on my next donation, and the taint of genetic illegitimacy was lifted... although I doubt their tests can detect the part of my ancestry that I suspect ladytamma is dead-on about. Spiritually, of course, I'm still a right bastard. ;-)

Anyway, one day a year or so ago, my darling monsteralice came home fuming about a change in the rules- the way she interpreted them, if you had ever had a tattoo, you could never give blood. Patently ridiculous, even in this day of blood-borne pathogens that are sophisticated enough to set up micronations of their own. So I resigned myself to not donating...

But today she tells me that the ARC has a new reg in process... it needs to be polished up before sending it off to the FDA for approval; it should be official by the end of the year. Basically, the new reg says that, as long as you got inked in a state where they have licensing requirements for tattooists, there are no a priori restrictions on donation for us of the intentionally-maculate crowd.

Yay! Once this becomes Da Rule, I think I shall make up for my failings by donating a bit more than I used to... the limit is once every 8 weeks, and I doubt I can work that in, but I can try to give several times a year rather than once or twice. At least until I make up for lost time...

The blood is the life! ;-)

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As AB- you can receive O-. O+ would cause your blood to coagulate in your veins. Bad, very bad.

Interestingly, when I was born, the hospital typed me as O-. This is incorrect. I am O+. My father noted that the Navy had typed him O- when he is in fact O+ as well... I observed that in biology class, my blood took an unusually long time to respond to the Rh reagent, and suggested that his probably did the same when the Navy tested it. They don't tend to sit around and wait to see whether blood responds when they are testing zillions of folks, so he and I were probably both subjects of hasty typing.

Either that or else the Webb-Olmsteads are freaks.

Either that or else the Webb-Olmsteads are freaks.

Not only freaks but damned freaks, judging from you...

Re: well, *duh*!

Not only freaks but damned freaks, judging from you...

I'd say that's a double "well, duh!" right there.

We also live through things that normal people don't. A lot. Why, I couldn't begin to tell you. It's not like any of us are really in what I'd call the peak of health and fitness, though I'm definitely in better shape than my father was at my age.

...he and I were probably both subjects of hasty typing.

Hasty typing, incorrectly run tests, typos on entering the data, or just an abnormal reaction - for every bunch of tests run, there's always the small-but-real chance that an incorrect result will come up, because of chance, fate, luck, or reality just getting bored with functioning properly. :)

Of course, then there's me - half the time I type as AB+, the other half AB-. Noone has ever been able to figure out why....

I wonder if we have similar Rh factors, since that's how mine goes (O+ most of the time, O- occasionally). My thoughts as to my blood responding slowly to the reagent :
  • Maybe I have less of the Rh protein than most people
  • Maybe it's "freakishly" different Rh protein (not as odd as one might think, given that there are numerous more differences in blood than just the letter-type and the Rh factor)
  • Proving ladytamma correct (and interactivearts as well, though this would also prove his insanity in having married me) I'm actually not human at all, but rather Leanan Sidhe.

Right.  And if you were Sidhe you'd either have argentogloblin or severe allergic reactions to the iron in your blood.

Re: Elven biochemistry


Who knows? I don't have detailed knowledge of elven biology. I merely know I have been accused of being such a creature.

Re: Elven biochemistry

Even if the whole iron thing were literally true, the rules don't work that way for the Gentry anyway.

And "Elven" is a Tolkien coinage... ;-P

Re: Elven biochemistry

"Elfin" then; I don't particularly care.  Besides, I was just being a tad flip, y'know. 

Re: Elven biochemistry

I was just being a tad flip, y'know.

As was I, laddie, as was I...

Re: Elven biochemistry

Twit. <unseelie grin> :-D

Now if they could just figure out the stuff with CJ - JMac can't give anymore because they changed the regs on that.

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