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"kickstarting" a film project

From Neil Gaiman's blog:

"the Kickstarter link for a film called The Rainbow Boy. They have $6000 to raise in 6 days to complete Principal Photography. They've already raised $9000.

The Rainbow Boy cast is composed entirely of Navajo people, many of whom had never acted before. It includes approximately 60 Navajo youth under the age of 25 as actors, extras, and crew members. The majority of the principle photography was completed in November of 2009, as was the editing of the promotional teaser/trailer.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/normanpatrickbrown/the-rainbow-boy-a-prophetic-navajo-story-about-hu is the link. You can pledge as little as $15.)"

I'd call this "boosting the signal", but that seems kind of silly when it's from a blog with such a widespread leadership. :-)

But anyway, this sounds like a wonderful film project, and the whole "kickstart" idea is cool, too... they have until May 11 to raise the remainder, so let people know even if you can't pledge right now...
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