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Brigid Shrine

The results of some craftiness that's been occupying me for the last few weeks... a small portable shrine-box for Brigid:

The exterior of the shrine- the Brigid cross and serpent charms were acquired here and there; the triskele and ogham stamps are my own creations.

Interior- the image is a Groundhog Day postcard by Thalia Took (sent to monsteralice and I by bishop_fuzzy); the triple Brigid statue is from Sacred Source.

Materials: unfinished wood box, acrylics and dimensional paints, stamp pad, and serpent charm all from AC Moore; Brigid charm from a vendor on eBay.

And this is just a foretaste... I've got a massive devotional project in the works, which is making me very happy right now.

Hail Brigid!

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