per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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One for my little buddies:

Cicadas afloat
Above the trees- they sing Time:
Spring into Summer.

...and one for what I saw crossing Key Bridge last night:

Sudden purple glow,
Then bonfire beneath stormclouds-
This river sunset.

I'll take solace in that sort of thing on my odyssey tomorrow- I have to go to West Virginia before going to Pennsylvania for Virginia. My, that sounds confusing... Anyway, due to a number of factors (the recent Mercury retrograde, other miscommunication, folks at the closing company dropping the ball, and the fact that it took


for my credit union to post a feckin' wire transfer*), I have to make this wondrous detour in order to drop off closing documents at the attorney. Joy.

OTOH, it means we add another 2 3/4 acres of woodland to Oak Hollow, and no-one will build a fort on top of the hill and roll boulders down on us. It may take a while to fully explore our new land- the approaches either involve going up a cliff-like hill, or dealing with a tangle of poison ivy and cat's claw- but it's nice to have it done. Nice to have the actual legal details over and done with, too. I don't know why the gods have decreed that nothing we do involving mortgages can go smoothly... but at least it wasn't as bad as when we bough Oak Hollow in the first place- due to an incompetent loan processor, it took us three months from contract to closing. Feh.

But at least I have tomorrow off. I should be able to get to the game with plenty of time to set up my enormous new tent- sulisathena has been outdoing herself with ideas and prop acquisition, and we should have quite a tricked-out campsite (mostly thanks to her, though I helped). Maybe I'll even get a chance to slack off a wee bit before game start. Ha! I make funny LARPer joke!

* honest to the gods, a wire transfer is just 1s and 0s. Why can't they get it in there in a timely fashion? I suspect they deliberately delay them. Most of the time, I'm happy that credit unions aren't subject to a lot of the banking regulations... but sometimes... ::fume::


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