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[pagan] Haiti, Pat Robertson, and the Devil: Father Matthew Presents

Got this from kenazf (amongst others). A heartening and eloquent response to Pat Robertson's venomous extremism.* Also, some people in the Vodou community (and the Pagan community as well) have been using Robertson's outburst as an excuse for Christian-bashing... and I don't think that's any healthier than Vodou-bashing or Pagan-bashing, in the end. To quote Father Matthew: "The light of God is in every single person- strangers, even our enemies." We Pagans may not agree with many in the Christian community, but we can't afford to demonize them, either. We are all human, we all have the light within us. We have to remember that, for all the nastiness heaped on us (and others) by extremists, there are a lot of Christians who do good, teach tolerance, and live their faith.

* Plus, it has a monkey. That always adds cool points.

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