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Pinups for our troops!

At Burlesque-a-pades last night, they had a table selling items for a truly worthy cause:

For The Troops- sending pinups to members in our armed forces overseas. Because if you're in the military and deployed, you need pinups!

They are selling "For The Boys," a book of recreations of classic Gil Elvgren pinups. You can buy one to send to our troops overseas, or to a wounded veteran in a VA hospital. You can get one for yourself and have one sent at the same time! They have a couple of specials going right now, as well as calendars and separate pinup 8x10s...

And they also have "For The Girls: Men Standing Strong," so no-one gets left out.

This charitable and public spirited effort has the complete and unreserved approval of the Bishop's Commission on Sin and Vice.

P.S. Yeah, yeah, I can hear it already, "How hetero-normative, blah blah, some servicewomen will like the girlie pix, some guys will like the boy pix, blah blah..." Shut up. ;-)

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