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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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This year's vacation- Mexico!
monsteralice, sid_keeler and I are going on another Caravan tour this year- this one will be Mexico's Ancient and Colonial Cities- the July 16th - 24th trip. The three of us went on Caravan's Guatemala tour in 2008, and it was excellent... my parents have been on their Costa Rica tour, and enjoyed it... Caravan is a class act. And not very expensive, either.

Anyone else who might be interested, just thought I'd let you know... it would be jolly to have a bus half-full of us weirdos...

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Not this time, we are trying to pay off the car (Dec 2010) and then in 2011 we will visit Maug's mom. In 2012, we are going to start other traveling.

so, nu, tell me more?

What more do you want to know?

what was the other one like? is hte food good? what do you do there is it like an archeological tour? a sociological one? ethnographic? is the quality of the tourguide types any good? are there tour guides? what are hte acomodations like?

The Guatemala one was a bus tour, with about 48 people. Age range was young adult to senior citizen... a lot of teachers, for some reason.

This is my mini-review, which they (unsurprisingly) posted on their site:

This was a trip of a lifetime. The overwhelming beauty of Lake Atitlan, the splendor of Copan and grandeur of Tikal. Everywhere we went, we were amazed. I give our tour director six stars or even seven. Her knowledge and passion about her country, her energy, her care for us, her sense of humor and storytelling ability was all outstanding. She really made the trip for us. The driver and the local guides were also excellent. We had a good-sized group with a wide range of age and experience. The food was wonderful, the hotels were nice, especially the Villa hotels. Caravan is a class act and this is a wonderful tour.

The food was good to excellent- the hotel on Lake Atitlan had fresh-caught fish both nights. The accommodations were also good to excellent... the Villa Santa Catarina (on the lake) was especially adorable.

The tour director had an encyclopedic knowledge of Guatemalan history, the Maya, folklore, etc. and knew people all along the way. She told us stories and educated us on the bus rides- she was a former archaeologist, and had trained with a Maya shaman! She was wonderful, funny, energetic, and took exquisite care of us. There were local guides at both the Maya sites we went to, as well.

I would say that there was a definite archaeological/ethnographic bent... but considering that it was monsteralice, sid_keeler (aka Jeremiah from Threads) and I, we may have a biased viewpoint. ;-)

ETA- pix from the trip: http://pics.livejournal.com/evcelt/gallery/00011f7k

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who all is going? i want to but i am jsut me, and don't want to split room wiht stranger. when are you going?

All of that information is contained in my original post... :-)

:P yeah yeah. need to think if i can do it then

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