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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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pretty good endweek, all things considered
The Foundation party on Thursday was excellent... great food, and a great location (top of the Key Bridge Marriot in Rosslyn- amazing view of the river and DC). And I won a door prize (I had set my mind to it, and it paid off!). And the COO gave me kudos in his speech.* And (earlier that day) my boss told me I was one of the few people getting a mid-year bonus.**

Friday I went to Trader Joe's, which was an unexpected madhouse. I heard someone mention a storm, so I called the weather. This was the first I heard about the oncoming Snowpocalypse. To my shame, I actually had bread and milk on my list... at least no TP.

That evening, we wisely decided to do our Saturday-planned shopping and had a lovely (triumphal!) dinner at Dogfish Head... I had their Olde School Barleywine, monsteralice had their Fort (potent raspberry brew); we both had their yummy bratwurst as entrees, then she had the apple crisp and I had the brownie sundae.***

It was snowing before we got there, and even moreso when we left. After rather exciting drive home, we settled in to watch the snow fall. And next morning it was still falling... I made bread pudding with some bread from the freezer, which provided our breakfasts for the weekend.****

It was a lovely and mostly relaxing day, with a few forays out to keep the porches clear enough to allow us to open the storm doors. It was mighty amusing to watch Judy deal with her first big snow- she bravely tried to plow her way through it, then hit on the concept of sproinging around... We finished off the lamb stew for dinner, and watched "Constantine"- monsteralice hadn't seen it, and I could deal with seeing it again- a fine bit of occult fantasy, if you diligently forget it has anything real to do with "Hellblazer." The only downside to the day was Windows Vista (with which the Hellboy laptop is afflicted) being obnoxious.

Today I did a lot of snow shoveling, which was hard work but not really nasty. We wrapped presents, ate more bread pudding and Indian food, and generally slacked off. And soon it will be bedtime. Getting to work might be a trifle amusing tomorrow... I think it will be a Metro day, as they haven't plowed our street yet.


* it should have been the President/CEO, but he was sick
** we run on a school year schedule, so it really is mid-year for us
*** usually I get their bread pudding, as they don't make it with raisins, but there was a reason not to
**** that's the reason!
***** I stole this idea from red_steve