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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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adventures in driving
Sparked by divalion's post on the same subject...

I remember being effing lost in the Selkiemobile in Hagerstown during the Valentine's Day Blizzard of '03, with no wallet or cellphone on me, hearing how the Governor had declared a state of emergency... thinking that I was going to die in a ditch someplace. All because larpwriting and sjo's neighbors were being major douches, having basically threatened the safety of my car if I left it in front of their house.

Even last night, in the Bat (which at least has 4 wheel drive), it was an... adventure getting home. We'd decided to run our Saturday errands and get dinner at Dogfish Head in Seven Corners, and I foolishly tried to take my usual way home- along Wilson Blvd., which has some really steep hills. Well, after my brakes locking up on one of the lesser slopes, I decided to backtrack... but the way was blocked. After a doomed, scary but beautiful attempt to detour through weird suburban backroads (there were some truly impressive lighting displays, but Arlington roads are screwed up in an almost-Lovecraftian way at the best of times... add snow and more steep hills, and... yikes), I managed the backtrack and went home via 50 and Glebe. Beer at dinner or not, I deserved the single malt that I had when we got home. And Papa Legba got rum and his candle lit, you betcha.

Stay safe and warm, OK?

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The douchebag neighbors moved at least

Driving home that weekend was in TheBaldMan's car-- which was actually larp_tech's Mom's old car. Not snow-worthy. TheBaldMan insisted on driving. He did the best he could in the circumstances, considering the driver's side door lock had failed the previous week, so it would swing open on turns... We never found out that I-270 was closed, we didn't have the radio on.

About halfway into what became an almost-four-hour journey to drop me off at my place in Arlington, he did state that if this kind of situation should ever happen again, that I should drive. I agreed that I would.

We did eventually reach Arlington; I'd estimate there was about 2' on the ground-- I hauled my bags from the car to the front of the house (couldn't use my separate apartment door in the back for a month due to snow, melting, mud, etc.), and TheBaldMan headed for his place. There was a steep downward slope coming from South 8th Street then steeply up again onto South George Mason had a big pile of plowed snow forming a wall blocking off S. 8th... TheBaldMan accelerated down the hill, and used the momentum to smash through the snow-wall onto S. George Mason... He was just lucky no one was coming when he went careening into the road...

Seriously, Papa's getting some beaucoup rum for this one. Ayibobo!!

Heh. They were talking about Wilson Boulevard on the news yesterday! (It was the hill in Rosslyn, but it's much the same.)

As a native Arlingtonian, I concur about the madness-inducing nature of the back streets. Unless you know exactly where you're going, trying to get anywhere through back streets will almost certainly end up with you emerging a block from where you started. (And if you do know the particular back streets, chances are the answer will be "nope, can't get there from here.")

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