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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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de-job-vu all over again...
monsteralice got laid off again. Budget cuts, this time. Fortunately, she has 'til the end of the month. Once again, we're not panicking... things could be a lot worse. But once again (needless to say) we're hoping that she gets a new job as fast as possible.

So... if anyone knows of any process engineering/tech writing/editing jobs in the DC area, please let her or I know.

Her qualifications:

- process engineer, technical writer and editor with 25+ years of experience
- completed Customs and Border Patrol background investigation (5 years; much stricter than usual DHS)
- considerable experience in writing documentation (both software and hardware), processes and procedures, and process engineering
- considerable experience in the medical and biotech fields
- expert at Visio and the rest of the MS Office suite
- expert at ITIL and CMI methodologies

If you know anything relevant, you can contact her at [her last name] dot [her first name] at gmail dot com; her resume is up on Monster, as well.

Failing that, reposting this to boost the signal can't hurt.

And, of course- prayers, good thoughts, and "find a job mojo" are always appreciated...


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Well damn, that sucks. Many hugs to you and MonsterAlice! I understand what it's like to get jerked around by new owners, etc - one of the reasons I am no longer working where I did for almost 20 years. My current company is hiring a lot of tech jobs, but I don't know if MonsterAlice would be interested, and doubt she would want to commute to Columbia (though some of the jobs can be done remotely I think) http://www.tenablesecurity.com/about/index.php?view=careers

Demongrrrl might be able to help with some recruiter references or something too - I know she had said she got a lot of calls about tech writing jobs in VA specifically.

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