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"The largest hoard of Anglo Saxon gold ever found"

Pretty cool... it may never rival the Sutton Hoo ship-burial in my heart, but you don't get Christian-era burials with grave goods in England (or at least not as much)...

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One thing I'm not clear on, it says that it was declared "treasure" and there for is property of the crown. Does that mean that neither the guy who found it nor the person who's property its on gets a dime for it?

I mean don't get me wrong it's a very exciting find from an archaeology perspective but I think that if I stumbled across a 7 figure treasure trove of gold and was told that the government was going to take it all and I got nothing but a pat on the head and a short mention in a newspaper article I would be pretty pissed.

If nothing else they should compensate the guy who found it so that in the future if something like that is found by someone else the person who finds it has a motive to report it aside from pure altruism. After all the guy who found it could have just kept it, not told any one and sold it all then there would have been no archaeological find.

According to the Q&A section of the find site*:
The whole framework for determining ownership is laid out in The Treasure Act 1996, which replaced the former common law relating to "treasure trove".

Essentially today’s Inquest declared the Hoard to be treasure and vested ownership in the Crown. The hoard is now offered to museums to acquire, and Staffordshire County Council, Birmingham City Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council are working together towards this goal.

However the finder and land owner are entitled to a reward which is the full value of the treasure. If this is not forthcoming the treasure is considered 'disclaimed', and would likely revert to the ownership of the land owner and finder who could dispose of it (or keep it) as they see fit.

So, it looks like the finder and the landowner are likely to get a reward- the archaeology community in the area is gaga over this find.

There's an extensive discussion of the subject here.

* the find site is really cool. They have a Flickr gallery with hundreds of pix...

Well that's good that they are giving them a reward. I would hate to have people hiding finds like this to melt it down for the value of the gold because they were afraid the govt would just take it if they found out about the find.

It is very impressive. I would LOVE to see the dig site in person, that would be absolutely thrilling.

Way cool!!

So completely random, but when I read this, I thought about either Eric or Godric from True Blood (a Viking and a Celt vampire each over 1000 years old if you don't watch the show) reading this article and saying, "Oh so that's where I left it."

Since it's neither Viking (too early*) or Celtic (too late*), I doubt it. ;-)

* for that part of the world

Without having seen the show, Steve said "a great idea for a time traveler to take stuff home."

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