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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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sic transit gloria mulberry
Well, we woke to find some of the top branches of the tree pressed up against the back door (could barely get it open to let Judy-dog out; she was very dubious at having to exit into jungle) whilst others were resting on one corner of the roof.

The good news is the damage seems to be minimal- the screen on the door wasn't even punctured, I can see no damage to the roof (though leaves and branches obscure things a bit), gutter seems intact, ditto siding and window, etc. The back porch floodlight isn't working, but (for obvious reasons) I haven't been able to see if the bulb is simply out.

Bad news is that the entire tree is history. It is severely damaged, right down the center; if they simply remove the offending branch, the rest of the tree gets unbalanced... and with a big storm, it comes crashing down, too. Into someone else's property, the way things look. It's a bloody huge tree, too... sixty feet if it's an inch, with a double trunk that is several feet across at the base.

So, of course it's going to cost us a pretty penny. I trust the guys doing it, but you know the saying: there's good, fast, and cheap, and you get two out of three. And we need this off the roof before the next major storm, or before the rest of the tree does something that causes the trunk to spear through the wall. So they should get it done today...


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At least you'll have firewood :-)

Or, if you slice it right, some cool table tops....

The stump is the size of a small table. Truly amazing. I may have to post a pic.

our fireplace isn't functional. not sure how good mulberry is as a firewood, anyway.

we had them haul it all away...

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