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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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CRACK crash bang *bump*
So, in late July a big mulberry tree in our yard lost a considerable-sized branch that nailed part of our side yard fence and entailed some expensive removal.

Well, guess what? It's losing another big branch. Right f***ing now. It's a slow setting process, not a catastrophic fall (thank the gods), but it's still mighty disturbing. Looks like, Powers willing, that most of the heavy part is destined to end up in the back yard, but some of the end branches are on the roof, banging the siding, etc. Hopefully, we'll get out of this without any (major) structural damage.

Fingers crossed for us, please?

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I do hope it turns out to be nowhere near as bad as it sounds.

Oh dear. Good luck!! A couple of years ago, roving tree cutters scalped my mother for like $3000 worth of tree cutting and removal. I was appalled but apparently that's the going price for tree work these days.

Well apparently it worked as last year when we had the nightly thunderstorms, power lines were taken down all over the neighborhood as well as trees falling on people's houses but nary a branch was lost from my mother's trees. So it might be a good idea to invest in some tree thinning to avert any further disasters.

Anyway you can get out this weekend with a chain saw and nip some of the problem in the bud?

I'd swoop in, but I'll be out of town. But my electric chainsaw will not. If you'd like to borrow it, email patches023atverizondotnet.

Good luck.

Thanks for the offer, but it is going to need serious equipment and a team of people.

I remember my grandfather telling me it cost him 15 cents to plant an oak sapling in his back yard when he and my grandmother first bought their home, and $2000 to have it cut down when he was ready to retire. I hope that your tree repair will cost much less than that, my friend! I feel for you because we have some trees in the woods behind our house that are starting to concern me due to dead wood, and I could see us having this same issue in the future...fingers crossed for you!

Update please? How did it do?

Good luck. If you think the trees are still out to get you, call a dwarf....

No way! That's just the result I wanted to avoid...

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