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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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tattoo as memorial - adding another dimension
From ncalrod:

A man who passed away from cancer willed his cremated remains to be given to his best friend so that a small portion of them could be added to the black ink of a memorial tattoo in his honor. That way he would carry a part of his friend with him for the rest of his life.


That's an interesting and compelling idea. I'd have to think long and hard about the spiritual implications of it. Intent would be very important, as it always is in tattoos with powerful meanings. And I wouldn't want to (for example) inadvertently anchor some part of the deceased's soul to me or something...

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very cool... thanks for sharing this

I have Christie's (my dog growing up) ashes and I've been thinking of doing just this. Perhaps less poignant than your human best friend, but I want her to be with me always.

I don't think it's necessarily any less poignant. At least not for you... and that's what's important.

I agree. The love you feel for a lost friend is not really dependent on species.

is this really hygienic? i would worry about oils in the ash interfering in the ink base for the tattoo. but then, i don't know very much about human ashes nor about tattoos, so my concerns are probably not terribly relevant ;)

I'm not sure how much in the way of oil is left in cremains after the process. Black tattoo ink is essentially carbon and water, so there's not too much to interfere with. I would imagine that it was a tiny/token amount of ash, anyway, or it would interfere with the color and texture of the ink simply by being there.

It's similar to the implications of the Havamal bind rune that allows you to speak with the dead. Not something I'm entirely sure should be tattoo'd on your body.

I agree about the bindrune, but just getting the ashes put in... I think intent would be more controlling in that case.

True. I think the case of the bind rune the intent is kind of built in. Don't know whether I'd say the same for the ashes.

" I wouldn't want to (for example) inadvertently anchor some part of the deceased's soul to me or something "

A haunted tattoo, yeah that would be......awkward to say the least. I always find theoretical discussions about the disposition of souls under unusual circumstances to be a fascinating topic. I have far more questions than answers in that regard (which I suppose considering the topic is kind of natural). Not many people who are capable of discussing the topic (meaning knowledgeable enough) are willing too, even if the subject is purely hypothetical. I guess the subject is a little too close to some aspects of necromancy for most people and that makes them understandably leery as most people who know anything about it find the whole concept to be abhorrent in the extreme and discussion of the topic is somewhat of a taboo even in a hypothetical sense.

Sending you an email about this.

Were you aware of my tattoo with G's ashes in it?

someone just reminded me of it...

I have witnessed this done more than once, and am willing to discuss it with anyone who is interested...awesome.del at gmail dot com.

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