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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Boosting the signal - FSG
Free Spirit Gathering - the Pagan gathering that I attend (and work as staff on) every year is fast approaching... June 16 - 21. Pre-registration closes May 31.

"Who are we? We're Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, Asatruar, Solitary Practitioners, Secular Humanists, and Buddhists to name but a few. Professionally we include doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, retailers, and students. We mostly come from the Eastern part of the country, but we attract people from as far away as Hawaii, Alaska, California, Canada, Washington, Texas and Minnesota. We're your neighbors, your friends, the people you see every day, and some that you don't. We are truly a cross section of the Pagan community. We gather at Ramblewood Retreat Center next June 16-21.

In addition to great music, we’ll have many new vendors on Merchants Row offering everything from books to tattoos, terrific Children’s Programming, nightly African style drumming and dancing by the lakeside bonfire, a full schedule of sweats in our Sweat Village and workshops by nationally and regionally known presenters.

Of course FSG is much more than all that. It's a family friendly, kid safe, sacred community. A place where you can openly live and celebrate your spirituality with likeminded folks, learning and experiencing new things. And leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated."

ETA: wylddelirium has made a post which gives even more reasons to attend.

Join us!

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Last time I went, I didn't stay.

I had pre-registered, and everything, but when I got there they had no record of my registration. The person working the desk was someone that I had met several times (including spending a W/E at their place with bigblackmimesis for some project) but they did not reconize me at all, nor did any of the other people around - not unusual, I'm frequently invisiable, - but typically at least one would have at least registered a nod or other "i've seen you around" recognition, but there was none.

At that point I said "Hail Eris, I guess I'm not suppose to be here this year." and went back home.

Haven't been back since, always something else mucking up the schedule (or just plian forgetfullness). This year work promises to be on crunch time that week - unless hardware slips again - so I guess not this year either.

Say hello for me.

Re: Been a long time...

How long ago was this? Registration has gotten a lot better since then.

Re: Been a long time...

Probably 2000.

Like I said I long time.

If the hardware is ready I'll be in customer-witnessed test frenzy that week. If the hardware schedule changes with enough forwarning I might try to make it.
It's been too long. Nothing happenning in the shadow realms to make it a neccesity, but I probably have been away too long.

Re: Been a long time...

Hope you can make it!

D and I are interested, though we can only make it for the Sat. Does the day rate stay the same pre-reg or not?

Silly me, I read the site more closely. We will pre-reg.

I am curious about the meals, though. What sort of food are we talking about? I am trying to determine if we should pack a picnic or just eat on site.

It's pretty good if you don't have special needs (like vegetarianism). I actually can't speak to the lunches (monsteralice and I bring cold, no-prep brunch food); the dinners are anything from pasta to ham or chicken with various veg and trimmings, and there is a good salad bar.

If you're only coming for the day, the picnic idea might work better...

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