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one bloody thing after another...
My Dad just had another TIA. He had a couple last winter, not long after the monster blizzard. No permanent problems; Mom says they're changing his meds and should be OK.

But he's in the hospital for observation (he gets out tomorrow), and she's stressed about it (I jokingly accused him of taking up the new hobby of worrying her). I'm going to go visit him this afternoon, overcoming my dislike of hospitals.

It was really weird visiting the last time. It hit me really hard- he looked old. Cheerful, not impaired... but he's still getting older, and I'm having trouble getting used to it. It bothers me more than my own aging, far more.


Anyway, prayers, healing, good thoughts for him will all be appreciated. Thanks.

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My thoughts are with you both...

*Hugs, Tea, and Sympathy*


I'll light a candle when I get home.


I'll light a candle for him

Aging is funny. It must be a fairly continuous process, but it really does seem to happen in leaps. I wonder if it's that our mental image of someone stays fairly constant, and our new memories of them get squeezed into that until they just can't fit, and then a new image is formed.

In any case, he has my good wishes.

Thoughts are with you

My thoughts are with you. I'll cast the runes for you and your family.

*HUG* Hope everything is going to be OK...Will be praying :-)

Happy little fairies dressed in nurses outfits for you and your father.

I'm really sorry, EC. Sending up prayers for your dad as I type this, and he will be top of my prayers this Sunday as well. I am very glad that your mom seems to be on top of this, that she gets him to the hospital ASAP and that his doctors seem to have things under control.

I truly do empathize with the aging parents issue. I've been there and it is very hard at times - not that it is a burden, it is just sad to see our parents starting to really look old and begin to fail, because I think at heart we really do want to take care of and see them at their best - or at least in a really good place.

I actually think in retrospect that it is possible my mom had some very small TIAs at times in her last year or two, that were undiagnosed. I'm assuming your dad has had all the prerequisite testing to see why the TIAs are occuring, if there are any underlying conditions. Getting the meds right is so important, but in the end, it is such a hard to control thing, you have to accept that the medical community does the best they can to keep one well.

Anyway, if you ever need to talk, question, vent, etc an understanding ear is right here across the net from you, and I'm happy to listen. Wishing your dad (and you - as the family also feels the repercussions whenever there is a medical issue) the very best, and hoping he's feeling well and home again soon...

::hugs:: and positive thoughts

Hugs from me and kisses from the pugs. I've taken care of aging and ill relatives in the past and it is not an easy task. More hugs.

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