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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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vacation plans for 2010
So, it looks like monsteralice and I will be going on another Caravan tour next year- this one will be Mexico's Ancient and Colonial Cities. sid_keeler went with us on their Guatemala tour, and it was excellent... my parents have been on their Costa Rica tour, and enjoyed it... Caravan is a class act.

We're aiming for some time around the end of June / beginning of July, 2010 - sid_keeler is going with us again, and that's the best time for him. mohnkern and ravenrose have also expressed an interest.

Anyone else who might be interested, just thought I'd let you know... it would be jolly to have a bus half-full of us weirdos...

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how much does it run (she asks kinda tentatively)

are you guys doignthe larp cruise again this year? i am really really thinkign about it

All their tours are $1095 ($995 in the off season), double occupancy. That includes almost everything except air transport to/from the start/end points, tips, and stuff like that (see webpage for details).

We're not doing the cruise this year (monsteralice is low on vacation), but I think that ambug666 is...

I'm likely doing the larp cruise this year, budget allowing.

kim sward and i were thinkign of it...

That sounds really tempting but I don't know about Mexico in the middle Summer. Way too hot and humid for me.

understood. sadly, that's really the only time sid_keeler can get away.

fwiw, it wasn't too bad in the hot parts of Guatemala in late July... well, it was survivable. ;-)

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