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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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monsteralice and I just saw "Coraline" tonight.

Mini-review: when it ended, she and I said simultaneously, "That was awesome!"

More detail:

Henry Selick and his crew did an amazing job. The amount of care and craftsmanship that went into this movie- it was mostly stop-motion animation, with CGI used for removing support armatures, background work, and difficult stuff like ghosts, fog and smoke- was phenomenal. The amount of visual detail and sheer, intricate whimsy that went into the movie just blew my mind. The characters may not always look the most realistic, but they move so naturally that it's hard to believe that it's stop motion.

They of course took some liberties with the original story, mostly in the area of visual detail, action and pacing- Neil Gaiman's story is excellent, but much more deliberately paced and internal than would have worked for a movie. The essence of the story is there, and all the important details- I especially loved the way they handled the cat. The film is as much Selick as it is Gaiman, and it's a really winning combination, in my book; it's obvious that Selick was enchanted by the story and respects it, but he has very much made it his own.

The voice acting was very good, and the actors well-chosen. The score was lyrical and creepy by turns, and there's even a They Might Be Giants song worked in...

Incidentally, there were a fair number of kids in the theater, ages 8 (or so) and up, and none of them seemed to be too freaked out by the movie, even when it got creepy- and it gets really creepy at times.

This one's a winner! Go see it!

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