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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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First "at sea" day

I woke at oh-dark-thirty to a loud engine noise and a resumption of motion; we must have just gotten under way. My actual wake-up call was delivered by room service- if I had to get up early enough to get to an eight AM LARP, I was bloody well going to pamper myself. A pot of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon did a lot to help with that, and I headed out of the stateroom. The noise and feeling of motion had subsided by the time I woke, so I was vaguely worried that we’d not actually gotten going. No fear- my first glimpse outside showed me the last bit of the Mississippi channel slipping rapidly by.

The function space was called the “Cats Lounge”; I’d wondered vaguely why, but now I found out: it was decorated like the set of CATS. Very odd. satyr69 couldn’t restrain himself from singing “Memory”, but at least he didn’t do it in-game.

The LARP- ambug666’s award-winning “Tempus Frangit”- went quite well, I thought. I had a few difficulties, mainly because I was having a little trouble hitting the ground running on too little sleep. Besides, it’s been a while since I played in a LARP where I knew almost no one… and it’s a little hard to play a romance plot with someone who you’ve barely met. Still, I had a good time, and I think it’s a very good game. ambug666 was a bit taken aback at the ending, I think- satyr69’s character ended up killing half the other characters. I don’t think that broke the game… it was just an interesting (and actually logical) outcome.

Then it was time to set up for “House in the Corner”- taping black plastic over the windows and doors, spreading plastic bugs and fake spiderwebs around the place, you know the drill. Greg A. was a great help, and so were mohnkern, ravenrose, etc. I nipped out long enough to get some food for my GM and I, and got to watch the ship’s wake while waiting for it. Very nice. I also discovered that, while I wasn’t in the least queasy, that watching the horizon going up and down through the windows might change that if I did it long enough…

We started the game a little late, but that seemed to work out well for everyone involved. In honest assessment, I think it went… OK. The puzzles and the “away” encounters went decently well, although we had to retool at least one on the fly because of a continuity error. On the other hand, the interpersonal stuff written into the characters didn’t seem to grab a lot of the players… it’s hard to get the same kind of investment that you get from people playing campaign characters. All in all, though, I think it went reasonably well for something that was in many ways an experiment. It was a pleasure to work once again with ambug666, and the cast and PCs both did very well.

Still, it was nice to not have a game hanging over my head anymore. We cleaned up (we left a heap or two of plastic bugs for the bar staff- hey, Hallowe’en was coming up, they might have a use for them- and then it was time to get dolled up for the Captain’s reception and the “formal night” at dinner. The reception was pretty cool- for one thing, they had free drinks and some nice hors d’ouvres. It was also kind of amusing to hear the captain (who was Italian and had a thick accent) trying to pronounce the names of some of his officers, especially the ones from the Indian subcontinent. The crew and staff of the ship was like the bloody United Nations- I’m not exaggerating by saying that Big Tex was the only American that I can really recall.

monsteralice and I had some pictures taken together- Kim had managed to get me to bring and wear a tie, so that had to be documented. Besides, we were both looking dead sexy. Then the LARP group as a whole had a group photo or three taken, on the marble stairs at the bottom of the atrium.

Then it was time for dinner. Lobster tail and black tiger shrimp this time, yum! And I had a wonderful bread pudding for dessert. Our drinks waitress was this exquisite blonde creature named Petra, who looked (and acted) part-Fae. She and satyr69 really hit it off together.

After that, monsteralice decided to call it a day. mohnkern mentioned that one of the bars was having a special on Talisker that night, so he and ravenrose and I repaired there for after-dinner drinks. One or two of the other LARPers stopped by while we lounged. After a while, mohnkern headed for bed, and Lori, ravenrose and I went forward to do some stargazing. It was a bit windy, but not too bad, and we managed to find a position in the bow where much of the light pollution from the ship was blocked off. There appeared to be some high haze, so we could barely see the Milky Way, but the stars were bright and beautiful, and a couple of planets (Jupiter and Saturn? I still need to check on that) were visible too. We could also see some lights on the starboard bow that were probably one of the islands of the Arrecife Alacranes (“Scorpion Reef”) group. A bit more schmoozing, then the lateness of the hour hit me and it was time to toddle off to bed.

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Us Fae, we stick together! ;)

Your tie comment reminds me. Where did you get the shirt you wore to the roast?

The band-collared one with the button at the collar?

Alas, I got that many years ago, at a hip men's store (in Springfield Mall, IIRC)...

Hmmm... men in ties are sexy.

well, I suppose that's more motivation to wear one...

You did see how we set upon Karl when he got all gussied up for the final ritual, yes? Men in ties are sexy. Always been so. Will always be so. So sayeth the Girly Girl.

well, monsteralice is my final arbiter on such things... when I ask her whether I should wear a tie or a band-collared shirt (often with some kind of fancy button/closure), she generally opts for the latter.

Well of course!

And a nice band collar shirt is attractive too. Remember the ZZ Top song about a fine dressed man? Just nodding and smiling.

Love that song... and the video... ZZ Top as trickster wizards...:

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