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...the First Aphorism of Religion Cases: Only the religious convictions of other people are weird. Yours are perfectly rational.

From this article.

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Only the religious convictions of other people are weird. Yours are perfectly rational.

Mine aren't [perfectly - or imperfectly - rational]!

And the problem with this is? ;)

I'm being inpertinent

1. The writer's name is Dahlia Lithwick. Honestly this sounds like a combo out of the recent "names meme" here on LJ.

2. Summum "Corky" Ra. Because we can trust a man with the name Corky.

Inpertinence done. Thank you.

Does Lithwick's stuff regularly get printed in the Post? I ready this on Slate last week and it was awesome but I had no time to point people to it. This was an awesome column.

that is... really cool i might put it in my sig or something:)

Funny you should mention this...

The Hubby (tm) and I had a protracted discussion over just what
constitutes religious bigotry. I maintained that any religious belief
that was not quantifiable cannot be summarily dismissed, even if
it sounds like nonsense.* He maintained that was too strict. I
had half a mind to throw this open for discussion - you should
feel free to comment.

(&, in case you're wondering, the discussion was sparked by my
guilt over an initial reaction to an account of a religious
experience, because it instantly struck me as asinine)

*this means Scientology is fair game

Re: Funny you should mention this...

Heck, if Scientologists ditched the cult behavior, stopped pushing their beliefs on people, and stopped harming people, I'd be OK with them. Their beliefs aren't the problem, except when they lead to the above.

Re: Funny you should mention this...

Oh, I don't care what anyone believes, so long as they
don't hurt other people. My point was that I don't think
anyone should make fun of anything that can't be proven
to be wrong - Scientology doesn't fall into that category.

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