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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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help for wyddelirium
Many of you on my flist probably know this already, but:

My good friend wylddelirium is in a really bad place, health-wise. Basically, she's in a maddening spiral of undiagnosed weird symptoms and pain. Right now, it's some fairly unpleasant neurological stuff. Rest assured that she is seeking treatment in many places- she's just so far mystified the medical profession.

Any prayers/healing energy/etc. that you can spare for her would be really cool. What we're looking for here is a "good outcome"- defined by her as a diagnosis and a treatment that brings ease...


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Not sure what I can do, but definitely sending prayers and healing-thoughts.

I will send prayers up for her. I know that not knowing what is wrong is often worse than the symptoms. My sister in law is going through something very similar right now - my father in law had her at the ER again tonight. :( Hope your pal will get the proper diagnosis and treatment she needs soon...

I will include her in my thoughts. Now that the bits of our life have arrrived from NM (via truck) we can set up our altar again and feel connected once more.

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