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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Sink Kitties
So, Sophie and Zorie have this tropism for the bathroom sink. They especially love it when the water is running, and will drink from it, get their paws wet, etc. They'll sometimes come running from across the house just to get to it.



What a difference three months makes...

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Simon and Mandy used to do the exact same thing (and they even looked the same)! Simon used to actually get his whole head wet, he was so exuberant.

I'm just glad they don't know how to flush the toilet. ;-)

Yes, that's very important. I remember an article years back about how you could train cats to use the toilet. It ended with the admonition not to train them to flush, because they are perfectly capable of learning it, and once they see that swirling water and know they can make it happen, they will do it constantly. ;-)

Yeah, and ours would, too. They are fascinated with the toilet and with flushing. Zorie actually fell in, once- fortunately after the flush. ;-)

Edited at 2008-10-21 08:25 pm (UTC)

my cats LUV the bathroom, we have two that fight over who gets to lay in the sink. They like to lay on the hamper, in teh tub, in the sink, on the back of the toilet, even on the rack behind the toilet

I thought my cats were just odd, apparently not.

BTW purdy babies :)

Ours also like the tub. They come racing in after I get out of the shower. We generally evict them if we are doing anything in the bathroom- they will get in the way of me shaving, jump into our underwear when we're on the pot, etc.

BTW purdy babies :)

Ain't they, though? Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
they don't seem overly interested in water in bowls, thankfully. i fear what would happen if they had a water fountain...

Oh gracious! They are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the photos.

you're welcome. they are pretty and very cute. they are also fell beasts and spread the devastation all over our house. ;-)

CUTE! Spencer loves running water. Amanda is not a fan.

our former cats didn't really like water, either, so this is new to us... most amusing, though.

They are ADORABLE! I love cats, even though I don't own one. I'm used to adopting everyone else's (and they're used to my lap being good kitty-space). Comes from a mom who's allergic, so we couldn't have 'em. Bryan's not fond of kitties, but will have and likes dogs. Which is good, as I've grown up with dogs and must have one.

Sorry, rambling..so lemme go back to AWWW KITTIES!!! *coos and makes silly noises at screen*

No, no one's cats are weird...

...or, rather, any weirder than anyone else's:


"For all your cat & bathroom needs"

Re: No, no one's cats are weird...

who knew?

Re: No, no one's cats are weird...

I was going to ask if you'd put them up on CatsInSinks.com yet... ;-)

Re: No, no one's cats are weird...

Not yet...

Re: No, no one's cats are weird...

That first one needs to go on Cute Overload, too!

Oh the big eyes on that first one in the sink - too cute!!! You can tell they are loving their little play place. :)

most of the house is their play space... and wrecking yard. ;-)

Awww.. precious pooters... I need to come be formally introduced...

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