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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Mythical Journeys - unexpected
I came to Mythical Journeys for many reasons... maybe I'll detail them in another post. I tried not to have too many expectations, but I've been aware of divalion's work on Sacred Romance for some time, and I knew it would be good.

I really didn't expect to die, though.

We'd accomplished our tasks, as far as we knew. We lay in the outward temple and journeyed inward, to the temple in our hearts. Then we went on, to our goal... where we found we needed one more thing- and we had to go to Persephone to get it. So kmusser led us down into Her realm. There She told us that what we sought would be useless unless we took Her initiation. We agreed.

We closed our eyes and She wrapped us in shrouds. We fell lifeless backward into Her arms. I tasted the salt sting of the waters of Lethe, and began to let go- my body, words, images, all dwindled away. Nothing left except a point, a circle with no border and nothing within. Rings of green and blue light, alternating outward: earth... sky... earth... sky... Calm and quiet. Holding nothing, only held, by Her hand.

Then a sweet trickle of the waters of Mnemosyne, and it all began to wash back, like water filling a tide pool. A short struggle with the chrysalis, and I sat up. Returned. Resurrected? All of us...

I opened my eyes. Flowers. The shroud was printed all over with flowers.

She gave us what we came for, and we left, never looking back. We walked so slowly, silently. I felt so fragile, both remote and entirely present. Surrounded by light that came from everywhere, everything simply more vivid. Returning to the outward temple, we rested in this quiet, diverging to the various things that we needed to do, to at least start to comprehend what had happened. I wrote a few thoughts down, spent some time drawing a mandala...

This is going to take a while to complete. Things are in motion, down there... One thing I do know: there was a lot in my current class on death and dying that was triggery. Not as much, anymore. That's a start.

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these are the times i envy my friends their faith. :) sounds like you had fun. of the cool meaningful kind

Don't envy it... if you feel a lack, find what you need to feed your soul.

Otherwise... well, it sometimes makes things more difficult. "Complicated". ;-)

indeed. it's complicated is my standard respone to questions of faith :)

I did not expect the ordeal either. Of course what each of us got was intensely their own. Would love to talk to you more about the experience.

*hugs ya*

I'm still mulling over whether "ordeal" is the word that works for me here. But I know what you mean.

I would also love to talk more about it, electronically or face-to-face...


I did not expect to die either. That fits better since we've both used the term.

Talking good. Fire good. *ugh* I can do either electronic or face/face (as I need to get out more, this is often what I vote for).

*hugs ya*

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