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ochone, ochone

Richard L. Eckert
"Uncle Dick"

He had a great sense of humor... one of my clearest memories of him is his laugh, and the mischief that sparkled in his bright blue eyes.

He was an electrician, and a bit more blue-collar in general than Dad- more conservative in a NRA-member sort of way, but not fanatical.

He got divorced from his first wife Margaret, which was kind of weird to me as a kid, and a minor scandal in the family, but it ended up blowing over and it didn't seem to stress his relationship with Dad too much.

After the divorce, he got a (second?) job as a caretaker at a shooting range because it included a trailer for him to live in. I found all this fascinating. I think I appalled my parents by deciding that I wanted to live in a trailer someday...

He taught me to shoot- mainly a .45 Model 1911 and an M1 Carbine.
He gave me my first (terrifying) ride on a motorcycle.

He wasn't a big man, particularly, but he had a great appetite for good food... especially when he was living by himself at the range. I gather that he wasn't very fond of his own cooking...

We weren't particularly close. The last time I saw him was at the wedding, and monsteralice and I were struck by how much he had grown to resemble G. Gordon Liddy. Other than that, we exchanged Christmas cards every year, that's all.

He was married to his second wife, Sharon, for 22 years. He had nine grandchildren.

He died Monday, March 8th, 2004, of a massive heart attack. He was my Dad's only brother.

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I grieve with you for your loss. The fact that you didn't see him that often doesn't make him any less important or beloved.


Sounds like you had a nice connection even though you weren't very close. We'll think of him when we light our candle tonight.

::hugs:: I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great Uncle.

Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I'm sure you're okay but my thoughts are with you anyway. My Uncle died recently too, he took two bullets to the chest. . .oy vey.

Anyway, added you to my friends list. I post some hmmm. . .possibly disturbing things. . .so if anything bothers you let me know and I'll take you back off again.

I'm so sorry about your uncle's passing. It sounds like he was a lovely fellow - I really enjoyed just seeing his picture and hearing your memories about him. How is your dad doing? Losing his only brother must have been hard.

And although you two weren't super close, it sounds like he has left some good memories. I can definitely see you as being the uncle in the future who takes the neices and nephews for a wild ride - and how to write some wonderful poems, if not shoot a gun. What would we do without those special relatives? In time, we all become them ourselves, in our own ways. :)

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