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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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For those in need of a bit of extra help...

Jason is an accomplished magician, hoodoo worker, and tantrika. He's published a very good book on protection and reversal magick. Anyone on my flist having a bad time and feeling in need of either physical or spiritual protection might want to consider this.

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One of my co-workers contacted him via email and discussed Jason doing some work for him but then my co-worker never heard back from him and Jason hasn't responded to his emails asking for a status update. Any idea what is up?

I am working on his bag.

I havent recieved any further e-mails though. I will shoot him a message and give him a time frame.

Very good.

Please don't think I was in any way complaining, I was thinking perhaps my co-worker sent the emails to the wrong address or perhaps you had been extraordinarily busy. I've been advising him to be patient as these things can take some time but patients isn't one of his strong suits. (Although please don't mention any of this to him I wouldn't want to offend)

Thanks for your response.

BTW I've been really enjoying your book since I got a copy.

He looks like Kevin Smith.:)

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