per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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black-crowned night herons

Three herons brought Spring back to me today.
They sat, hunched on bare boughs above water
(Scant shelter from the unfriendly eye of day)
Watching the deep jade river flow,
Watching the fire-emerald new shoots growing.
Watching me, too, with some suspicion;
Although one, not immune to compliment
Took my praise as excuse to preen itself,
Dagger-bill arranging the thistledown feathers,
And then resumed a dozing journey to sundown.

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chirp, I say to you, chirp!

another lovely poem, ev.

You certainly invoke the spring with a fiery and passionate eye and a blazing pen - made me wish I could see your herons for myself.

We have a heron who lives at the lake not far from our house. One of SarahB's most vivid memories is the day we sat and happened to see him catch a fish and swallow it with the most indulgent langour. We call him "the boss bird" as he lords over the other water fowl, sitting atop the lone perch in the middle of the lake as the other birdies swim by.

Would that spring come a bit quicker this year - she is taking her time deciding what apparel we should be wearing this last week...

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