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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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blue moon, i saw you standing alone...
only</b> answer for each category, just the one that occurred to me.

01 kitteblue
02 bigblackmimesis
03 can't think of anyone right now
04 sjo
05 ladytamma
06 tinhuviel
07 weasel2000
08 persephone65
09 divalion... and have, many wonderful times... been too long, though
10 ginevra007
11 ravenrose
12 velvet_c
13 charisma18
14 wylddelirium (both!)
15 can't think of anyone... not my cuppa, I guess
16 theoclarke
17 ladytamma
18 auror (well, her Threads character ;-)
19 aspidites
20 probably my entire flist, really...
21, 22 - even if I'm right about the meaning, don't really want to make those judgments
23 George (at the Foundation)
24 redsteve
25 ladymandrake
26 entirely academic, but I have ideas... and I ain't talkin'. ;-)
27 meishayuri
28 see #15
29 monsteralice, of course... otherwise, see #26
30 You are all weirdos You are all really cool people and my world would be poorer without you...

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Please to send them to me! I definitely need something light hearted and non-earth-shaking for my LJ.

I consider being weird one of my more charming traits.

Sheep. Baa. Baaa. Send me the questions. :)

No - not another giant time-wasting meme! Yes, please - send me the questions!

OK, just because its you and your cool...i'd like to see the questions :-)

I want to see the questions too, please!

i want the questions for this madness!! this username at mit.edu if you would.

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