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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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for random221b and charisma18:

Caliban's Farewell

Their vessel's wings have dwindled down beneath
The line of sky on sea, and I return,
Alone as dusk, to toil I choose with joy.
A thing of darkness I may be, but now
'Tis time for light! A moment's work, and fire
Is licking, hungry as my gut, on drift
And leaf and grass- and salvaged finery
I've dragged out from that curséd cell. Caves!
Foul worms and bats may dwell within, not I!
Clean leaves are bed and roof enough for me-
I save such holes for shelter from the storm!
The blaze leaps up; its crackling, snapping greed
Twists force to glow and sing along my nerves
From foot to crown and back again, my spine
Fills up with lightning and I dance. If I
Could pound my feet and shape a wish of force
To match the old fool's staff and robe and book,
The breath of Hurúcan would roar, and down
They all would go. Not even her, the sweet,
The soft, I'd raise a hand to save. She was
A trouble far too great for me to take.
And so I circle, leap the flames, and seize
A burning brand and whirl it up on high-
Catch its end and do it twice again.
Across the water, down the wind, at edge
Of sight, a light leaps up. They see my sign
Of safety now, my folk, and they will come.
Alone? A sole and misborn freak, ill-got,
Witch-born? I'll ruin my guts from laughter's pain!
He may have taught me speech- or so he thought-
But I have always, ever known how to lie.