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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Job Voodoo
For my LJ friends who are looking for jobs, and open to a little esoteric effort... this is from [Unknown LJ tag]'s upcoming book, Vodou Money Magic:

"Perusing the Want Ads with Legba

When you're unemployed, hunting for work can become its own special kind of torment. Joblessness isn't just a threat to your finances, it's a blow to your self-esteem. After spending weeks or months sending out resumes without a nibble, you can start thinking of yourself as unworthy, unqualified, and utterly useless. If you find yourself falling into that kind of spiral, you can call on Legba. When you ask him for work he will happily guide you toward new opportunities.

To perform this spell you will need your local newspaper(s) . Look through the classifieds sections: circle anything which you find intriguing in red pen. Now go through the entire paper. Circle anystory or advertisement which mentions a company where you might like to work or an industry which interests you. You can use multiple newspapers for this: you are also encouraged to include printouts of any online job offer which strikes your fancy. When you are finished
cut out everything which you have circled in red ink and put them in a small white oven-safe ceramic baking dish (a small soufflé dish will be the ideal size). If you need to cut the printouts into smaller pieces to make sure they all fit, don't worry about it: Legba enjoys
unscrambling puzzles and will have no difficulty interpreting your request.

Draw Legba's vévé on a sheet of brown grocery bag paper, using the red pen which you used before. Place it atop a yellow or red cloth. Get a cake pan which is large enough so that the smaller ceramic dish can fit inside it comfortably. Fill the pan approximately 1/3 full of water so that the smaller dish is surrounded: add a few drops of cane syrup or molasses. Place the pan, dish and water atop the vévé; place a yellow 7-day candle in the pan.

Light the candle. Ask Bondye, the Highest Power, to look after you and yours and to grant you an audience with Legba. (Legba may be the opener of the gate, but like all the other lwa he can only act "as God wills.") Now sprinkle a few drops of water from the pan on the ground. As you do, feel Papa Legba coming to greet you. You are calling on Atibon Legba (Good Old Legba), one of Legba's most merciful and benevolent aspects. He is old and ragged, but his eyes twinkle
with life and his step is surprisingly spry as he comes toward you on his crutch.

Tell your problems to Papa Legba. Explain to him how you have been hunting for work: tell him how much you need a job and how many people are relying on you. Be honest with him and don't hold anything back. Papa Legba has walked down many roads and knows what it's like to be poor and hungry and wandering with no place to go. He will gladly help you to find a job to call your own.

In exchange for his help, offer him a fire to warm his old bones. Now ignite the newspaper clippings and shredded printouts. (Make sure first that you are far away from anything flammable like curtains, book shelves or the like). As you watch the paper burn, feel the warmth flowing through you and through Legba: both of you stand silently absorbing its glow. As the papers crackle into dust, their message vanishes in this world and is conveyed to the land sonde
miroir (behind the mirror), the place where Legba reins, the place between what is and what was and what is to come.

When the paper has finished burning, take it to a crossroads and scatter it to the winds: as you do ask Legba to bring job opportunities your way. Now return home by the same way you came.
Allow the 7-day candle to burn out, then pour out the water on your doorstep or in your front yard. Needless to say, you should accompany this spell with the usual mundane steps like putting out resumes, networking with friends and looking for HELP WANTED signs. Legba likes to surprise you with unexpected blessings, but you have to be open to receiving them. And, as always, be sure to give Legba his due when he brings you a job."