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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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almost poetical
I'm sure this was some sort of spam, but it reads like Dadaist "automatic poetry":

"subject latex norwalk fruehauf arachne irate

old minnie old? polyhedral, colorimeter handlebar.
lightweight bestubble emerson ocean tableaux ocean, latex
platitudinous congeal strain extrovert congeal.

slowdown lockhart rectifier

meyer slowdown peer? apposite, birdseed calorimeter.
minnie platitudinous tableaux arachne cute old, colorimeter
tableaux tv latex portfolio old.

bestubble norwalk fruehauf

subsist irate beatitude? clasp, minnie portfolio.

tv assist."

Shades of Doom Patrol...

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It does inspire some very odd yet entrancing mental images....

This kind of reminds me of a LARP I played many years ago called "Spin Cycle." It took place in a modern-day mental hospital. I played John Wilkes Booth. You kind of get the idea.

Anyway, the GMs snail mailed us a piece of paper with no explanation. The only indication of who it came from or what to do with it was the return address. It was a page of seemingly random words, some of which were opposites of one another. No instructions, just the words.

One person wrote a short story incorporating all the words in the order listed. Most probably just circled them and mailed them back to the return address.

I circled the words and spoke them as Dada poetry into a .wav file and then e-mailed it to the GMs. I don't remember all of it (I'd be insane if I did), but a couple of passages stuck with me. The first was (sung to a short passage in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony) "Musical flat white octagon". The word "flat" was sung off-key. The second passage I recall was the ending: "Root bear archangel . . . help."

The lead GM had a Mac and couldn't open the file. She considered that to be an appropriate (albeit frustrating) response to her registration form. The other GM told me that his roommate found the "poem" so hilarious that he broke it down to its component sounds and used it to make my voice the voice that gave verbal messages from their PC (e.g., "welcome" and "goodbye").

Anyway, your post reminded me of that.


I got (and saved) spam by the title of "rubbery kiwi" the other day which was similarly amusing:

chatham enormous sundial

bartend bilharziasis continuity? improvisation, chatham improvisation.
rubbery detente frigid leftover creek surrender, discomfit
huzzah serum creek extralegal discomfit.

discomfit creek.

I'm amazed that you'd get such mellifluous spam without a single pharmaceutical name in the mix - that what I tend to get these days! :)

I take it your male genitalia aren't long enough?

Actually no, it's just that Pfizer and Lilly have such good deals on a whole cornucopia of pharmaceuticals that I need to hear from them multiple times a day!

Dontcha hate spam?

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