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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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wedding and related thoughts
The wedding was grand, all around. I'm really honored that citabria and mr_teem asked me to give some of the readings... I think I did pretty well with mine, and divalion was great with her. catpaw67 did a wonderful job as a celebrant, and the ceremony was simply lovely.

No, I didn't cry.

I get some (mostly gentle) teasing about my propensity to get choked up at the drop of a hat. Most of the time it doesn't really bother me... heck, generally I cooperate, or at least laugh about it.

But for some reason it's starting to bother me a bit. Like there's some implication that my emotional responses to things can be discounted because "yeah, but evcelt's the one who cries at trivial stuff".

I feel things very strongly and deeply, and often not in the way that others do. I don't tend to cry often at those "traditionally sad" occasions, but on the other hand sometimes something just hits me hard and I can't help but get choked up. Oftentimes it's at something wonderful or marvelous, truthful or simply Right rather than something sad.

And it's not trivial. It may seem that way to some people, but it's not to me.

The reception was very enjoyable, too- the site was nice, the food was top-notch, and the company very enjoyable. I was happy to see a lot of others in kilts (though I was the only one in full Scottish rig, ha ha!) But the best part of it was watching happiness just radiate off of citabria and mr_teem.

Eventually, we ditched out of there- monsteralice needs to save leave for the cruise this fall, so we needed to get home. I owe many thanks to divalion for taking over on the driving, as my eyes started to sometime after we crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge (and drat, we forgot to tell wylddelirium about the signs for the "Del Member" ("Del Mem Br", that is).

Called in dead today, and both I and my workplace are better for it. Fortunately, the jury duty I mentioned in the last post was canceled... I would have been a very bad choice for a juror today.

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Dude, I cry at Disney movies. (And yet, some people think I have an English level of reserve... go figure). So if people don't like the occasional tear, they can bite it, y'know?

You would have been the best juror ever.

"What? I was meditating on the consequences."

"Holy crap! We can't go in there! It's bat country!"

"Bailiff, why is one of the jurors asking for grapefruit?"

"...and brandishing a large hunting knife?"

"I need golf shoes!"

It was really great to see you guys!

and the same back atcha!

Thanks for taking the heat for being emotional. Hell, I can't even sing along through most Jimmy Buffett albums without choking up at least once. I put it down to the overflow on the dam. Spent too many years repressing the emotions they've finally caught up.

As long as the dam don't bust, we're okay. Though I do feel sorry for whoever ends up down river when the dam finally fails.

Hah, I've got a shoulder available whenever.

noted and appreciated.

that's a good metaphor.

Upsides and downsides. I've been accused (sometimes to my face, sometimes behind my back) of being an unemotional, cold bitch. But then people are shocked when I occasionally get choked up-- which I do.

Can't win, can't lose. :)

I thought the readings were lovely, we enjoyed them very much.

I'm going to have to remember the Spenser piece and the Abenaki song in particular... monsteralice and i were also really pleased that the ceremony included the Hawaiian wedding song and the New Kingdom Egyptian love song... we used both of those in our ceremony, nearly 15 years ago.

That is so incredibly cool!

Should I be worried that you didn't cry?

No worries. I was just getting a point across.

And for that matter, I practiced hard so I wouldn't cry... almost got choked up, but didn't

It was a wonderful wedding!

I always figured you cried for the same reason I do -
that things move you more.

some of us love you for your ability to show how deeply things touch you.

Feeling things deeply is a gift. Not covering up those feelings or stuffing your emotions so deeply inside that no one ever sees them is one of the things about you that I find most admirable.

You know I love to see you moved to tears over things of beauty and deep emotion. Too many people are afraid of their feelings... you let yours show. Nothing discountable about that...


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