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"time to do our civic duty... good thing i renewed my license to kill!"
[kudos to anyone who gets the reference in the subject]

Luckily, the envelope from the Sheriff's office wasn't anything ominous. Instead, I've been summoned for jury duty at the Arlington circuit court (state level).

It could be interesting, or not. When I did this a few years ago, I was on call for (IIRC) half of the three-week period, was in the pool for < 5 trials, and got seated on only one jury. It was a short case, and the verdict was a no-brainer... I also learned the phrase "burglarious tools", which never ceases to amuse larp_tech and many others...

Could be interesting. Could be boring. We'll see.

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Heh, I always get thrown off. Ask auror how her experience is going.

That's because you are a burglarious tool. :-p

it's because he answers every attorney question with "No."

I hear that you're a burglarious tool! ;-)

Your mom is a burglarious tool!

Your mom is on the snack list for Tortuga!

Holy crap, you're right!

And in merry-land, being in possesion of "burglarious tools" in "suspicious" circumstances will net you the 'least severe' felony count in MD - "Being a Rogue and Vagabond".

Speaking of Civic Duty

This might give you a good laugh.

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