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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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reasons to be cheerful
bats OK
The weekend was good...

- new kitties slept most of the day Saturday, then woke up when the thunderstorm rolled through. They've been spending a lot of the time since committing bloodthirsty assault upon each other, our ankles, a rattly mouse toy, a couple of small dust bunnies... That, and purring and squeaking. monsteralice and I consequently spent much of the remainder of the weekend ded of the cute.

- paid a brief visit to the Folklife Festival, touring the Bhutan area. Beautiful art and craftwork, and I managed to get into the lhakhang (Buddhist temple), which was gorgeously decorated... got a blessing from the monks there, too. Plus, how can you not love the idea of a country that tries to base its economy on "Gross National Happiness", not GDP? I really want to visit there someday... it looks like a wonderful place.

- the dreaded Mungi-Mungi seems to be fading (thanks to the pisco, I'm sure) and my tattoo is coming along nicely again (which means that parts of it look totally disgusting).