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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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So, for our own good and so Mr. Brutus would have some companionship, we decided not to wait too long before looking for kittens.

And we hit the jackpot today! There was an adoption run by the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation (they seem like really cool people...), and there were two kittens that were just perfect. So, without further ado, I'd like you to meet Sophia (aka Sophie) and Zorya (aka Zorie):

Sophie (I'll try to get a better shot of her soon...)

Zorie (and a bonus shot of monsteralice's cleavage)

They've had a tiring day....

They are both ensconced in the bathroom with water and food and litterbox and a soft thing to lie on, until we can integrate them into the household. They're sleeping now, but they explored their new space and allowed themselves to be cuddled... they both have absolutely thunderous purrs.

Reactions so far have been mixed. Brutus was dumbfounded and rather dismayed... he seems to be in denial right now. Molly has been totally blasé so far- she sniffed at the carrier for a while but seems to have lost interest. I get the feeling that all cats are one to her... Judy was mightily perturbed- she watched them closely from outside the bathroom, her brows all wrinkled up... I think she's having trouble fitting them into her worldview.

New kittens! I foresee dying of cuteness many times over the next weeks and months...

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They're so cute! They look like Yin and Yang in that last picture!

Happy petting!

They are PRECIOUS. *dangles crochet'd mice in front of 'em to play with*

*dangles crochet'd mice in front of 'em to play with*

We've got some of those for them, once they wake up...

KITTENS!!! AWW they are so CUTE!

Both of them are beautiful - Sophie looks like the inquisitive girl while Zorie is just a big cuddlebug. And that snuggled up last shot is adorable!

Yay! I love the yin-yang pose. :)
Wow, you have quite the menagerie now!

(Deleted comment)

Time...is what turns kittens into cats

Yay kittens!!

That's how my folks got as many as they did- lose one and get two to replace it...

Yay kittens and future cats!!

Oh how adorable! Sophie looks like my Griffin when he was a kitten. Awwwwwww.

And I think you should submit the pic of monsteralice & Zorie as a 'Cats & Racks' submish on Cute Overload...

Cleavage...good...kitty too, but...cleavage good...

I trust you to reply in such a way. ;-)

they look like tiny gorgeous versions of sammy and alfred.

They're adorable! Especially Zorie (I'll admit, I have a preference for the darker cuteness).

Oh, how incredibly adorable!
Kittens iz teh only tings cuter 'n babies!!

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