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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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I have a cunning plan or two...
As at least some people on my flist know, I self-published a book of my poetry a few years ago:

The Words Swim, Waiting

Not unexpectedly, sales were not huge... enough to get the ISBN registration costs, etc., taken care of.

But still...

If anyone would like to get a copy and review it for NewWitch or PanGaia or The Witches' Voice (aka WitchVox) or any other relevant publication, I would be happy to send them a comp copy. If you are interested, email me. If you already have a copy, and still want to review it, you are wonderful... and I will owe you one... or something like that.

Also... just to be frank: I'm not going to comp a copy for review just anywhere... I have to have some limits. It has to be someplace with readership who might buy the book.

Lastly, anyone who has already bought the book... if you feel like going to the Lulu site (click on the book link above) and entering a reader review there... that would be really cool, too.