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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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goodbye, Shadow, we love you...
Beautiful Bast giving Life,
Hail Bast, in visible form,
Casting light into the darkness,
I have come before you,
The path is opened,
The earth is at peace.

Lady Bast, accept Your child Shadow into Your presence. Heal her, cosset her, make her glad.

I felt her heartbeat run out. Such a simple thing...

I think she was ready to go, in a way- there really wasn't much left to her body, and monsteralice and I think that this episode this morning was a warning, that she had taken the first step on that journey. I really wasn't prepared for it, but somehow I wasn't surprised, either.

She was better when I got home from work, talked to me, climbed up into my lap. But there was still a dragging weakness to her that hadn't been there before. Not so much vim and vigor. Not so vocal a protest when she was bundled into the carrier.

Like I said, there was so little left to her, and the vet told us that it was likely cancer, and even if it wasn't, there was very little chance of her coming back, if any. monsteralice and I discussed it, crying, briefly... for ages... and agreed: we'd seen the alternative. Pets dying horribly, in pain because their people couldn't let them go. No judgment on that; we just didn't want it for Shadow.

They brought her back from the tests and she chirruped at us, came to us for more petting. We held her and kissed her and stroked her, called her by all the praise names we'd given her over her life with us, told her how beautiful and soft and wonderful she was, stoked her purr to a steady thrum. We prayed to Bast, and I marked her forehead with the sign of the ankh. We held her as the sedative took hold, and as the vet made the final injection.

And her heartbeat ran out. No spasm, no other signs. She was there, and then she wasn't. Fur still soft, her ears still silken... but gone. Not her.

More tears, more caresses, final farewells, and then we left. We'll get her ashes in a few days, and a paw-print in clay...

If we're lucky, we'll meet again.

There was a double rainbow when we left the house to take her to the vet. Make of that what you will.

What a hard thing to go through. I hope you find solace.

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know she had a wonderful life with you and monsteralice. Hugs.

I am so sorry you lost your friend. You did a good, loving thing for her. ::hug::

I am so sorry, JMac and I send you our love. I have held two of my furry kids through their passsing and I know how hard it can be. *big hugs and lots of love*

I’m very sorry for your loss.

May Anpu guide and protect her for all the steps of her journey.

May the Goddess Bast, take her in and usher her to The Fields of Aaru.

You have my heartfelt sympathy.

I am very, very sorry to hear this. I'm glad, however, that her final moments were full of such love and tenderness.

Add my voice to the chorus of sympathy. I'm glad she had such good people as you and monsteralice.

What a wonderful way to leave this earth. I know you filled her last hour with love. I want to go that way.

oh lots of hugs... i'm so very sorry.

thank you for your sympathy...

I'm so sorry, but I'm glad you were there with her.

*hugs* My deepest sympathies.