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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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the multiplying villanies of nature do swarm upon me...

Reasons for this expressive assessment of my personal state right now:

1. Shadow-cat is ill. She was fine last night, but this morning was listless, off her feed, wobbling as she walked. We have a vet appointment for her tonight, but given her age, this could end up with The Bad News or The Difficult Decision. Blessed Lady Bast, look kindly upon thy child!

2. I have an irritating and extremely unsightly rash on my hands (palms, backs, fingers), and to a lesser extent on my feet... and now it appears to be moving up my arms. It's not oozing or anything, but it's tender and it makes it uncomfortable/painful for me to grip things, etc.- it also tingles unpleasantly at times. It completely mystified the PA and my MD... they took some blood for tests, and managed to get me an appointment with a dermatologist for Weds.

3. My new tattoo is healing really slowly. It's not infected (and the medical types didn't think so either), but it's tender and putting out goop. Back to the plastic wrap treatment for a while, methinks...

4. I didn't get enough sleep last night... partially because of 2. and 3. above, partially because I needed to put in my CHS homework and forgot until late, partially because I'm an eejit.

5. George Carlin died.

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Ick!! Did your doc rule out coxsackie for the rash? Either that or an internal reaction to something else that you have that you don't know about. I've had both and they are v. annoying.

Hope you and Shadow-cat get better!!

I have to admit that "coxsackie" sounds like something that happens to your scrotum. I don't know which version you're referring to...

Thanks for the good wishes.

I know. It's the painful rash part as opposed to the really ill and death part. I guess if you don't have the sores in your mouth you can rule it out but it was a thought. I had it as a teen-ager and it just sucked. Couldn't eat anyhing other than soup, mushy food, and popscicles for like 2 weeks because it was just too painful to move my mouth.

no, no sores in my mouth, thank the Gods...

Shadow-cat is in my thoughts and prayers.

And you are too... sorry. I'm TIRED.

thanks, and understood.

My new tattoo is healing really slowly.

Mine, too. I don't think the plastic wrap is the answer. Gordon suggested to dc the plastic and start neosporin, and that fits with my own instinct as well.

YMMV, as you've done this more than me.

I dunno. Just doing neosporin (I wasn't using the spray) for several days (most of last week) didn't seem to be helping. I wrapped it last night and it seemed to make things better. I think mine has a larger surface area than yours, that may be a significant difference...

I'm sorry sweetie. I hope you get the answers you need and not horrible news from your vet.

*big hugs*

Am hoping things improve on all fronts (where possible-- #5 may be permanent, dunno)...

*healing thoughts* to you to direct as needed.

#5 may be permanent, dunno

I suppose it's possible he'll get reincarnated.

I can also imagine what kind of comedy routines an undead George Carlin would come up with...

*healing thoughts* to you to direct as needed.


Poor kitty - I'll keep her & you & monsteralice in my thoughts.

Sounds like you have a hell of a lot to deal with. I wish you tranquility and strength.

What a rough week for you! I hope the rash fades as quickly as it came. We've had both kids get an odd rash in the past which they thought was allergic in nature...but for sure. Robin had one that came and went for a week, which we think was medicine related. I hope yours departs quickly with no lasting discomfort, and that the recent ink issues heal over just as fast!

And so sorry Shadowcat is feeling low. I know you and MA are incredible caregivers to your pets, and will do everything to keep her as well and comfortable as possible for her age!

((hugs)) to you both!

I'm oddly amused that I managed to stump the doctors, but I really hope this goes away soon or the dermatologists can treat it.

thanks for the hugs and support...

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