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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Free Spirit Gathering 23 was a good one for me, on the whole. I didn't really feel like I could relax until Friday, but I was still having fun.

- the Fet for the Sea Lwa. We are really getting a good team here, and it went very smoothly. Agwe showed up remarkably quickly, seemed very happy, interacted with a lot of people. Some other good possessions, only one negative incident (though a scary one). Dantor was hugging people, which is not something I'd seen before...

- main ritual. Wow. Burning Viking ship! What a hot fire... making nine circuits around it was an ordeal (especially after I pulled a muscle in my leg).

- new ink! I got the background to my left shoulder done. I may post a picture of it sometime, but right now it is red and peeling and looks disgusting. It was an intense experience, more than I was expecting. wylddelirium capped it off in her classic spooky-fu fashion. Namaste to everyone who stopped by or helped with toning.

- Ivo Dominguez had a particularly good class on belief and disbelief. Also got a taste of Santeria and started dabbling in the Norse stuff again.

- almost all radios came back... one lost radio seems to have been recovered... and four mystery radios ended up in the bin. Go figure.

- apparently there was some serious weird energy for some people, but it mostly passed me by. Like I said at the time, true for them, not true for me... plural truth is a good tool for magickal situations. Also, apparently there was lots of drama and angst. Most of that stayed away from me, and our cabins, too.

- ladymandrake had the wonderful idea of setting up a shrine/sacred space outside our cabin. Perhaps this is related to the above item- it made our area seem very protected and special.

- driving the bus on Monday was a lot of fun.

- pterodactyl porn and Shake-n-Bake haggis.

- Papa Legba had my back bigtime. He's getting another bottle of rum soon...

- good conversations with a lot of people, especially random221b and auror. auror also let me break in my tarot deck with her.

- cabins 11 and 12 are the bomb. Cool, shady, good location and layout. A total win.

- wonderful people all around! got to get to know some cool folks better, met some others... hanging out with good friends...

- bought a new kilt and a Salmon of Wisdom for my hat, otherwise not too much shopping done...

- the_smith_e becoming "motherf***er drunk" at the sumbol

- mohnkern is a rune-reading dynamo!

- watching lightning after the storm tuesday night

- Saturday at FSG appears to be my Gede day.

- Saturday's "staff meeting" sangria-fest was a lot of fun. Then we got to watch the thunderstorm roll through while acting like pukka sahibs.

- the power outage was annoying but also added an air of mystery to things.

- Saturday night we had a meat fest. Amazing.

- Magnus and Spinner's magic show was marvelous. I was really thrilled by the whole thing, and I don't usually like stage magic. And Magnus had one great kid volunteer who kept cracking him up... Magnus gave him a magic wand, which was just too cool.

I am really, incredibly blessed. Sometimes it all just hits home.

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ahhh ahhhh ahhh * shows appropriate hand signals*


Poke *runs away giggling*

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