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the number of paths in the supernal beard
I've been working surprisingly deeply around with the Qabala (replace that with your favored spelling if you wish; I'm going to spell it differently each time in this entry, if I can) these days. monsteralice reminded me that, by Jewish standards, I'm almost old enough to do so. Note that this is nothing that actual Orthodox Jewish Cabalists would approve of; besides my being one of the goyim, the source material I'm using is from the Golden Dawn / Hermetic Cabbalistic tradition.

And, it's for a LARP. Of course it's for a LARP, silly! What else would it be? ;-) Seriously, the Qabalah is something that's always fascinated me from a theoretical standpoint, but it isn't really part of my magicko-religious tradition. I respect it deeply, but I just don't resonate on it for it to be a path I want to go very far down at this time of life. But, like a lot of other things I've found myself studying in recent years, it's a wonderful fit for some of the LARP writing and roleplaying I'm doing.

This is one of the wonderful things for me about LARP, especially campaigns set in variations of the "real world": I find myself studying things that I might never have investigated in any depth- the Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri, the Baltic "Romuva" pagan religion, the Mormon religion- and deepening my knowledge about other things. It should come as no great shock that most of this is esoterica; that's just the way I'm wired.

Most of what I've done before with the Cabalah has been in the area of the Sephiroth and the Tree of Life- it's a useful tool organizing the universe, mystically speaking. But this is the first time I've really done anything with Gematria- the method of discovering meanings of and connections between words and names, using the numeric values of the Hebrew equivalent of their letters. The particular flavor I'm using is very simple, and may not be the most accurate, but it checks out pretty well with some known values. It's become absorbing to the point of fascination... not yet obsession, although I can see where Qabbalists might go insane.

And some of the results are really interesting. One thing I and others have noticed is that divinatory systems (like Tarot) used in LARP have a tendency to give information about the LARP universe and the characters, rather than the "real world" and the players. Similarly, my gematria work has produced results which seem very appropriate to the game, and since I'm right now working almost entirely with real-world background material, this amuses me greatly. I wonder whether any of these connections are news to the writer/GMs? Hope so.

Now for some silliness: one of interactivearts's nicknames is related to purple (which should please sjo; young_egotist's first name resonates with thunder; and ladytamma could be an angel… although almost certainly one of those who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards. ;-)

And, oh yeah: I refuse to confirm or deny any speculations as to what parts of what campaign my research applies to, and specifically any speculations by people who I or my character seem to be making nervous right now.

hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...

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That's very cool. I've acquired most of my more in-depth esoteric knowledge doing LARP research - I dont see it as a bad thing, just another way of reaching enlightenment, if you will.

So how does my name resonate with thunder? Can you explain?

So how does my name resonate with thunder? Can you explain?

With the numeration I've been using, it has the same value as Hagah, which my source interprets as (amongst other things) "Thunder"

Very cool. Thanks, that brightened my day.

Ooh, ooh, what do my names do? =) (If anything.)

well, your middle name works out to the same number as Uriel. since it's a semitic word, i'm not at all surprised...


Without mentioning it, does my real name do anything funky?

first name? it holds the number for red, and for thick darkness, and for Nakhiel, the Intelligence of the Sun.

Heh. Red and Intelligence of the Sun. Well, I am an Aries . . . not sure what to think about the thick darkness, though.

*huggle* Miss hugging you.

*huggle* Miss hugging you.



Come on, you can tell me. : )

::shrug:: Everyone knows my name means "seething with evil." Don't need any mysticism to get that one. :-p

well, one numeration of your first two names relates to "Jesus".

another numeration used on your first name alone gets us the 10th demon of the Goetia... a very nasty character indeed.

make of this what you will.

another numeration used on your first name alone gets us the 10th demon of the Goetia... a very nasty character indeed.

Hmmm.... In my copy of the Goetia, the 10th demon is actually pretty good. Ginny Carter would have liked him.

ah, well, i was judging by the way he acted in Hellblazer- an important of occult info. ;-)

I think "good" is one of those terms for which one must ask "good at what?"

Of course, this is from the woman who thinks Baphomet can show her a pretty good time...

"good" and "nasty" are not mutually exclusive in my book...

Reading back a bit in your journal because I'm curious. . . .

One of my favorite LJ friends is a Rabbi who studies and teaches Kabbalah (his spelling). His lj is moonish but he posts in a community called kabbalah_101. He hasn't updated in a while since he's been in a funk and spending time with his kids (not necessarily in that order). In any case, I've found it very enlightening reading. Most of it is sequential, so you may have to start from the beginning to understand what he's talking about.

Alright, enough of my babbling. Tata!

Thanks for the pointer to the group! I only just now got around to looking at it... busy, busy... I'll have to take some time and read it from the start.

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