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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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[dc local] The Tempest
First things first: see this if you can. It's running for 1 more weekend... get tickets here.

We met charisma18 (the director) on the way in, and he gave me specific instructions where to sit- he wanted to be able to see my reactions.

It was marvelous. A vibrant and original take on the material, with an interesting and convincing spin on a lot of the relationships... and refreshingly devoid of the allegorical/political subtexts it so often gets hung with. charisma18 did an amazing job.

The acting was mighty fine. divalion was moving and powerful as Alonsa, and random221b's Caliban was this hyperkinetic Celtic monkey-man, sheer joy to watch. The actors playing Ariel, Prospero, and Miranda were quite good, too... everyone was, really.

The songs worked really well in the context of the story, and often combined with each other at times, weaving like Celtic knotwork.

It's (one of) my favorite Shakespeare play(s)... and this is a wonderful take on it.

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Thanks for the compliments and the pimpage, sweetie!! So glad you were there...

You mean you didn't pick up on the subtle libertarian and pro-agrarian culture undercurrents I'd specifically seeded into the show?

Damn. I guess next time I do political theater, I'll have have to make it more overt. :P

Thanks a ton for coming, man. It was great seeing you.

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