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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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still appropriate to the season, though I wrote it a while ago...

What can I say about these keen-eyed
Bustling ones, hopping on the sere grass?
I’m used to a solitary russet flash on the green,
But now there are scores or more-
Cheery yet serious, moving or watching;
Their song, calling and responding across
The yards and parks, leading a chorus
Upswelling, like the steady swing
Of the sun up from winter’s long nights.


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Very cool!

My wife loves Robins. We oddly enough sometimes see whole flocks of them at on time. Which is strange as I always thought of them as a semi-solitary kind of bird.

One of my favorite birds that are often maligned is the Rock Pigeon (aka Rock Dove). I've always liked them. I love the rainbow iridescence on their necks and the verity of colors they come in (not always gray). I call them my beautiful gray watchers. They always seem to be watching over the throngs of humans that pass below.


I prefer Mourning Doves, myself...

Oh I love Mourning Doves as well. There are alot of those down where my parents live. I love their song.

Really there isn't a bird I don't like. I even like turkey vultures. There is a really neat Native American myth about how they lost their head and neck feathers saving the world.

My wife also loves all birds but her favorite is the Osprey. There are also alot of those down where my parents live. They have a nest they use each year on a platform my father build just off the coast in the river so we get to see them build the nest and raise their young all summer.

My wife and I like Turkey Vultures, too. There are several who roost on my office buildings in the spring...

And I really like Ospreys, too... so glad that they bounced back, population wise...

Perfect! I can't tell you how much this poem hit me. We have been inundated with robins (and orioles too lately) and their morning songs have so lightened my heart with the coming of spring. You captured one of my favorite parts of the morning - looking out to see them hopping about the yard and singing in the trees - so beautifully. Thanks for sharing this. :)

thanks... that means a lot to me!

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