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what's the use in wearing trousers?
I'm planning on playing a Scottish character for the Signals campaign. So of course I'm getting a kilt- a whole outfit, of course, with jacket and shoes and sporran and the like. Not an insignificant piece of change, but it's worth it.

I first wore the kilt at a Pensic years and years ago. I had just bought a multi-yard length of tartan wool, and my insane compatriot Dr. Marc showed me how to wrap it as a feileadh mór aka "great kilt". We decided that it was in the "Clan MacMufin" tartan, if I recall correctly. I had great fun running around that night wearing it, and I wore the same outfit a couple of other times before sacrificing the fabric to make more tailored garb.

Fast forward several years, to Golden Aeon, a wondrous and strange TSFL LARP that dealt with the magick and politics of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. I was cast as S.L. "MacGregor" Mathers, a preeminent occultist and eccentric, amongst whose, umm, interesting claims was that he was a Scottish laird, the Count of Glenstrae. He often wore Highland dress, and I determined to costume appropriately. I borrowed a kilt and all the fixin's from a friend, and cut quite a dashing figure, if I do say so myself. Ever since then, I've wanted the full kit for myself, but circumstance, economics, and necessity have precluded it.

But no more. I ordered my outfit in August, and it should be ready soon- in time for the very first game of the campaign. And I've been assured that there will be some sort of formal event that I can make my debut at. Woo hoo!

I've also been noticing, in the past few years, the next evolution of the garment: the Utilikilt. I'd occasionally see them at pagan events or concerts and point them out to the Vortex and other friends. The Vortex has been encouraging me to get one for awhile- she, being a right-thinking sort, thinks they're dead sexy on a guy, and who am I to argue with her? I didn't start seriously thinking about it until bigblackmimesis showed up at a party wearing one, and I got a closer look. And just this weekend, at the XPI game I attended, a couple of the gents there were wearing them. One of them has gotten quite fanatical about the things, and owns several. He gave me their business card...

Now I seriously think there's one of these in my future. They're really quite reasonably priced, and I would love to have one for my official "Radio Boy" outfit for FSG 2004, as well as wearing it to parties and the like. Maybe it'll be my Yule gift to myself, we'll see...

There's quite a movement going on based on these and other MUGs (Men's Unbifurcated Garments). Look at this site, for example. Now, they're a little more hardcore about it than I am, but they do have some valid points: men have (in many ways) even less freedom than women do in garment choices. In fact, ever since Beau Brummel, men's fashion has gone into a downhill spiral. Things started looking up in the latter half of the 20th century, but the war against boring men's clothing still goes on. To be utterly honest, I'm no great pioneer; I'm way too timid for that. But it's good to see the borders of acceptable expanding once again.

Kilts aren't the be-all and end-all, but they have many advantages: they are attractive, comfortable, practical, flexible, and all men look good in them. They bespeak an adventurous and manly man. Besides, no-one can steal your pants if you ain't wearing any!

So, we'll see. I doubt I'll be wearing kilts to work or to my parents' house any time soon. But parties, clubs, pagan events, games, and the like? You betcha! All men should go forth and get a kilt or other MUG to expand their fashion choices! Guys, go forth and dub yourself the Lord of No Pants!

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Have you checked out...

The Scottish Lion's online store? They have awesome stuff! And great prices on their overstock stuff too!

It's all seriously drool-inducing....

Re: Have you checked out...

Thanks for the link. Lotsa good stuff... I will have to add their overstock page to the ones I check regularly.

But I'm not buying anything there soon... the 2nd half of the $$ for the kilt outfit just got charged to my Visa. Woo hoo!

Kilt!!!!! With jacket!

Ahem. Just ignore me. I'm just a goodly angel, I'd never ogle men in kilts, nope, would never do such a thing. La la la....

Yes. Kilts. Absolutely. Worn in the... traditional... tradition. Yes. I think ausir has the corner on the "Lord of No Pants" title, but I could certainly see the Duke of No Pants, the Earl of No Pants, the Archbishop of No Pants, the Watch Officer of No Pants... (The Count von No Pants? "ONE! ONE KILT! Ah-ah-ah. TWO! TWO KILTS! Ah-ah-ah...")

I claim "The Laird of Nae Breeks".

Scots vs. Regimental vs. Commando

There needs to be a manifesto delinking no-pants and the military.

you might want to take a look at these...

check out the LJ group Men in Kilts



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