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this is just sick
Several companies are catching bats in the wild and killing them for sale on eBay as “art” in glass frames.

Tell eBay to disallow these sales unless the sellers can prove that the bats are not endangered species and were not killed in the wild.

I did do a search on this on eBay- there are several on sale right now.

I know this may seem a minor thing, but as Bat is one of my shamanic allies and it's Samhain season, I feel I must represent for my Chiropteran peeps on this matter.

Besides, I get to show off a new icon...

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Oh, that's awful.

Aside from the cruelty, which is bad enough, bats are an important part of the ecology. They eat bugs for crying out loud! Or at least some do. Anyway, they are cute! It is wrong to kill teh cute! Feh.

Insect-eating bats eat enough bugs to save billions of dollars in pest damage to crops every year. One little brown bat can eat 1500+ mosquitoes in a night.

Fruit bats spread the seeds of many species of economically and environmentally important trees and other plants. Nectar-eating bats are vital to the survival of many others.

And the agave cactus is dependent on bats for pollination. No bats, no tequila. Perish the thought!

Dude. No bats, no tequila. That would mean no GBF. Horror!

You know, I've seen bats upclose and personal. I wouldn't think a bat would look good framed.

I'm with you! Can we storm the eBay castle and set fire to the towers?

I'd rather just bap them on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

Can we bap them on the nose with a lead the drawing room...with Col. Mustard??

We can do that to the people selling the bats. I generally like eBay itself OK.

I'm appalled. That's just evil!! I think stuffed trophies of any kind are wrong as well. "Look, I killed something!!" I thought we were above that.

Ewwwwwww! Even outside of it being bat and endangered, why in the world do people think this is a good idea?

Thanks for the heads-up!

Yet another reason why Humans should be immediately rendered extinct.

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