per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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I don't do lj "memes", really I don't- so this must not be one
Comment with your username and I'll give you an honest compliment. Then, if you would like, post this in your journal and spread the love.

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Ah, where do I start? I could just repeat back what you said to me, and it would be true, but that would be cheating. So-

You are one of my favorite people to spend time with. The conversations are always interesting and the silences never awkward.

Instead of two nipples, I only have one giant one that encompasses my entire chest.

Also, your username.

I admire your giant nipple almost as much as I do your masonic pocket.

Also, your surreal creativity and dedication to a difficult path are both really cool.

OK, Mr. Buttery Pants. Give me your best. Or worst. :)

You are, to quote Chaucer, "a very parfait gentle knight".* Without being a sanctimonious bore like Galahad- you have the mischief in you as well, and I like that too.

* which has nothing to do with parfaits...

Oooh... you beat me to the puch. Doh, stupid footnote. :D

And thanks. I try :)

Does he really have buttery pants, and how do you know?

One of the character sheets in "Flog-A-Thon" was written by Michael "Buttery Moist" Young.

wylddelirium dubbed me that. it seemed important at the time.

And thanks. I try :)

Yes, you're also very trying. ;-P

In Del's response "and dedication to a difficult path", you're referring to me, aren't you? ;)

You are the most difficult path I've ever dedicated to.

honi soit qui mal y pense...

"I AM WEASEL! FEAR ME!"'s that? :-)

I admire your sense of humor, your bonhomie, and your loyalty (to country as well as friends).

I have some leftover absinthe, and you have a sugar spoon.

Also: "your username."

I have some leftover absinthe, and you have a sugar spoon.

Ahh, what a grand combination...

You are sophisticated, beautiful, and brave.

For the love of god and all that is holy, your username is bleeding!

You are both a hottie and an amazing organizer

let's just leave my mom out of this....:)

your mom is left out of this!

You're gorgeous, you have a wonderful sense of fun and your enthusiasm is always infectious.

You are smart as a whip and your dry wit amuses me greatly.

(Deleted comment)
Getting to know you has been a great pleasure. I look forward to more of those wonderful conversations. Plus, you can braid my hair anytime. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
you have a wonderful way with words... and of course, I always appreciate a fellow celtophile...

Your enthusiasm and generosity and offbeat sense of humor are all wonderful

When you get the chance, please.

You have a wonderful presence, and you are very good at an important part of LARP- having fun in a way that includes others and enhances the experience for all.

Blue the Nightmare
Or I mean Bluenightmare

There is something about you, hard to quantify, that made me like you right away.

You are one of those people who I felt easy and friendly with right away. I admire your self-possession.

Like a fish gasping for water, my messed-up head could really use a compliment right now. The demons are winning.

You are intelligent, brave, funny and beautiful.

on a dark and stormy night.... well at least dark

I like your calmness and grace. You have a very soothing presence.

As with the others, I will take the opportunity to say something nice about you, first. You are a very sweet person, without any of the saccharine that may imply. Your gentleness is almost palpable, as is your inner poetry.


You are creative, outspoken, intelligent and caring.

a comment with my user's name

# This is the point in the program where a miracle occurs.

Re: a comment with my user's name

You are madcap, passionate, and loyal

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