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hey, ho, the wind and the rain...
Well, I'm glad to report that my tendency to fret about things that don't actually materialize continues.

Shortly after posting my LJ entry on subject, I learned that Isabella had decided to weaken dramatically, and the predicted path began to swing a little westwards. And, as I pointed out in my comment on one of interactivearts's entries, I was really more worried about the potential for property damage, not real life-threatening stuff. I think one of my lessons learned from this is to pay as little as possible attention to the media about this kind of thing- they tend to play up the danger to make it more dramatic. The Vortex (monsteralice) and I weren't exactly disappointed when Metro and the Government decided to give us a four-day weekend, however.

My big discovery has been the NOAA website, which is way cool... I think I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up.

The progress of the storm became quite a fascination for me... There was a gorgeous and spectacular sunset Wednesday night- long feathery spokes reaching out from the south-east and catching the rosy glow. By the next morning, we had started to get that wind-calm cycle that goes with a hurricane, though the rain didn't start until afternoon and the gust didn't get really impressive until after dark

But, heck, there wasn't even much rain. The basement stayed dry! Molly-dog was perturbed by the pressure changes, and peed a couple of times on the floor down there- but she could've just been expressing her opinion on the hideous linoleum... I've been pulling up the indoor/outdoor carpet that covers half the floor (laid by the prior owners, I think, to deceive the home inspector about the wet basement problems... grrr...), and some truly Lovecraftian horrors have been revealed.

Sum total damage: about 11pm, we heard a BANG-thumpthumpthump-crash. Thought I, "sounded like the chimney cap." Got a flashlight and went out to look. Meanwhile, the Vortex was thinking, "sounded like the chimney cap." Guess what? It was. More or less intact- looks like the vibration of the wind just loosened the bolts or something. The roof didn't look damaged where it hit, but I mentioned that when I called in the claim. Other than that... a medium branch came down in the back yard. The power went out for about a minute- I was on the PC, but the UPS got to show its stuff.

We had a lovely couple of days off. I didn't fret too much after all; I read, worked on the Old Irish translation project I have going, ran some errands before things got too
windy, spent a lot of time online, stayed up too late.

I think this area lucked out. Some folks were inconvenienced worse than others- the Don and Spike are likely to be out of power until this Wednesday and had a lot of trees go down on their block and a power cable do the Tesla boogie on their street. Spent much of Saturday there on a LARP rules session for the upcoming Signals campaign; it involved esoteric discussions by candlelight, which seemed rather appropriate... ravenrose and Mr. No have power but no phone, cable, or internet; ambug666 also lost a tree or so, but he's getting to learn to use interactivearts's chainsaw, and was very pleased to report that his home area was telling people to boil all water. All of it… the whole seven seas, apparently.

Went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Sunday- it was pirate weekend, and some of the Evil Chicks (it was Chick Weekend at the Manse; fear the estrogen tsunami) were meeting us there. Although there were warnings in DC that some traffic signals were still out, and some of the low spots looked like they had gotten flooded, there was little apparent damage, and none at the festival grounds themselves. It was "Pirate Weekend"; we sat around one of the taverns for much of the day and drank and behaved badly. Arrr!

I'm now at work, which is right on the Potomac but kind of up on a bluff. Fortunate, that- the debris line from the flooding is further inland than I've ever seen it. We have a replica canal lock next to the building (there used to be a canal that ran from here to Georgetown, connecting up with the C&O), and it's full of cruft. The little bridge that crossed it at the riverside was ripped out and pushed up against the inner part of the lock, although it looks otherwise more-or-less intact. I hear that there was a lot of standing water down in the low part of Old Town...


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