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Inadvertently building a snow-fort...
...that's what it's felt like, digging out. Especially with the driveway, as it's sunken in so as to reach the basement level carport. Given the north-tending winds for both the storms, this has acted like a snow-trap, which has made digging out monsteralice's car an interesting process... especially since we have this huge yew overhanging the driveay, and the snow bends the branches down to grasp the car in a Lovecraftian embrace.

There's just not a lot of room for the snow to go, so I've been piling it into some pretty impressive mounds. I think the one on the right side of the driveway is Everest, and the left may be K2. There's this impressive wall still left between us and the street, too...

But the Bat is dug out, and I started her and moved her to allow the sun to melt more of her parking slot. Which is good, since work is open tomorrow. Just gotta get rid of the last plow wall and I can get out. Nobody had better steal my space tomorrow, or there will be vengeance. At very least, I will shovel snow all over their car...

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I believe the common universal symbol is the cheap plastic outdoor chair in the spot you just killed yourself to dig. While it apparently holds no serious legal weight, I have heard of places (such as the south end of Boston, to no one's surprise) in which marked-space-thieves get their windows smashed out, and the car filled with snow.

While you and monsteralice are nice, kind-hearted, magnanimous people, and would never perpetrate such a vindictive act, let me know if that comes to pass. I will seriously consider fighting the wintry weather to come over and smash their windows and deep-freeze their cockpit, just on general principle.

We don't have any outdoor chairs. I was thinking semi-seriously of lifting a traffic cone, but that would get me in trouble.

Thanks for the offer!

Apparently, in Pittsburgh, they dump buckets of water over the offending car. That's worth a thought.

The bucket of water is a nice one, too, and has the advantage of there being a much lower chance of getting arrested for it, or having to pay damages.

Yeah, especially if I make sure that plenty gets into the engine compartment... ;-)

Thanks for the wonderful offer, but the space has remained unoccupied both times I've left it so far.

It's possible that the mojo I placed on it had something to to with that, or not... just happy that no-one's been a douche about it.

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