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happy st. patrick's day, my wild irish a***!!!
I don't usually post activist stuff here. But I am so pissed off about this, I can barely express myself. Some of you have seen this already, but here's the short form: the Irish National Roads Authority is building a major highway very close to the Hill of Tara, the ancient sacred center of Eire. It is an area of great archaeological value; the planned route of construction will impact over 141 sites. Besides, it will cost nearly twice the estimated price, and not actually solve any of the problems is was created to address.

Read more here, and (if you're interested) sign a petition against it here.

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I requested the petition be sent to my email. What a shame to ruin such an important piece of culture and history with a highway running through it. :(

I know this is serious, and I did sign the petition... but the jokes pertaining to your Subject line are too, too amusing.
I will behave... I will behave... I will behave...

Badly! Bwa ha ha ha ha....

Badly! Bwa ha ha ha ha...

Thank goodness!

I was worried about you for a second there!

Yeah, well you both can kiss my Wild Irish Arse(tm).

So there.

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